2015 for OMGLuie.com

I think it’s mandatory for every blog writer to talk about the New Year and give a short recap of how the past year was for them. Well, not really mandatory, but it’s a nice idea. I feel it also helps keep me grounded.

2015 was tumultuous for me, to say the least. There were some ups and downs but more than that, I’m just eternally grateful that I’ve pursued my passion for gaming and geekery, no matter what happened.

So, without further ado, here are the highlights of my 2015:

1. Gaming & Geekery Galore

February 14, 2015 marked the day I bought my first-ever PC rig. Gaming on a laptop got too hard and tedious so I saved up last 2014 and bought myself Fenrir, my baby!


I also bought myself more toys and figures, constantly pre-ordering from my fave online store, Hubbyte. I added to my Nendoroid collection (now I have 6, OMG!), my Petite Chara collection, and my figure collection (mostly Free! and Sailor Moon, though).


I got into Diablo III, Heroes of the Storm, and Monster Hunter for the first time, went back to FFXIV:ARR for a short time, and played more 3DS games!


… Oh, er, I also did a bit of cosplay on the side… I plan to do more this year, too! LOL!


2. OMGluie.com + Tokyo Fanatics

I started OMGluie.com last September 2015 and it has been a blast writing for this blog. I apologize for the subpar photos and layout (I’m revamping though, so watch out for it!) but I’ve had so much fun having my own space to go gaga over things I love.12039562_613991968743897_5307538864175685445_nAnd for those of you that don’t know, I actually co-own an online shop called Tokyo Fanatics that deals with gashapons and specialty items that we ship directly from Japan. My partner and I have been working hard since May 2015 to bring happiness and otaku-ness to our customers. We were even part of Blushcon last August 2015, where we catered to the fujoshi of the Philippines!


3. My Lulu Cat

Of course, this blog won’t be complete without my #LulutheKitty. She lives with my boyfriend because I had to rehome her a few years ago and she has been a solid rock in my life. I love her a lot. You’ll see her in my Instagram often, too, LOL. 🙂


My personal life is pretty normal so I won’t bore you with that. I only traveled to Boracay this year but I’m planning to travel more this 2016. I did a lot of job jumping – from a 3-year stint at a PR Agency as Account Director, to PR Manager at a corporate company, and now, I’m currently Head of Content at another PR agency.

Life has been a little challenging last 2015. But I’m looking forward to what 2016 has to offer. … I’m looking forward to the games though, mostly! HAHAHAHAHA!

I NEED TO BUY A PS4!!!!!! D:

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