2nd Wave of Batman v Superman Accessories by Silverworks

I must say, this Batman v Superman hype is totally real. Although I haven’t seen it yet, many of the local brands in the Philippines (even 7-Eleven) is going gaga over it. Anyway, local accessories brand, Silverworks, has actually come out with a second wave of accessories for their Batman v Superman collection.

I wrote about the first wave a month or so ago. It was a collection that featured sterling silver and stainless steel pieces emblazoned with Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman elements.

This time, we have a bunch of dog tags for the 2nd wave:

BvS_2nd wave-page-003
These items are now available at all their stores nationwide. I’m sure that some pieces from the first wave are still available, haha! You can see more on their website, Facebook, Twitter,Instagram, and Pinterest accounts! :)

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