A Beauty Affair with Mobile Shopping App, Shopee

One of the few (of the many) things I like to splurge on in my life is make-up. So I was a tipsy little beaver when I got invited by popular mobile shopping app, Shopee, to spend an evening with them and to learn beauty tips & tricks from renowned make-up artist, Albert Kurniawan! Check it out! 🙂

Some of you may have seen the online explosion of popularity of mobile shopping app Shopee a few months back, when bloggers would post about doing their online buying through their mobile phones. But for those who don’t know what in the beejezus a Shopee is, well, it is “a mobile-first social marketplace where everyone can browse, shop and sell anytime, anywhere.”

Here’s a quick How-To to better explain things for you:


You can download the app both on Google Play and the Apple App Store. 🙂 What I like the most is the Shopee Guarantee, wherein the seller only receives the payment when the customer has assured that they have received their purchase! Besides that kind of buyer protection, according to Shopee, they also have teams of people who are dedicated to double-checking the authenticity of the items uploaded on the app. So you’re assured that your items are as real as they can get.

Anyway, let’s get back to the workshop! The intimate event was held in Greenbelt 3, Makati City. We were treated to a cozy dinner at Dillinger’s where we got up close and personal with Macy Castillo, Head of Commercial Business. She’s really sweet and nice, she answered all our questions clearly!


Then we were lead into the inner sanctum, LOL, the private lounge called Prohibition. Man, I haven’t been to this place in years! The last time I was here was for a small DHL event at my previous PR agency job, haha! Some of Shopee’s biggest sellers were also there, giving us a preview of the items they have to offer. They had a bunch of make-up for sale but I behaved and didn’t buy anything because I need to save up for other things. I was super tempted, though. /cries



Later on, Albert Kurniawan himself gave us a tutorial on how to do day and night make-up. While he was going through each stage (base, eye shadow, eyeliner, etc.) he gamely answered any questions that the crowd had. Questions like, what should go first, foundation or concealer? Or, how to make your eye shadow more pigmented and help it last longer if you don’t have a primer? What is bronzer really used for, stuff like that. :))

Special guest celebrity makeup artist Albert Kurniawan

Albert Kurniawan day-to-night makeup workshop (2)

In my opinion, the most important things that I absorbed that night is that you should always take your location’s weather seriously, you should always cleanse and moisturize before putting make-up on (it’s the best way to have a smooth and clean slate), and that translucent loose powder is your best friend!

It was a fun night! I didn’t get to stay ’til the end because it was getting late and I had work the following day but I learned many things that I’m sure I’ll be putting into practice the next time I’m fixing my face. Also, I’ve been on the Shopee app for quite a few days now and I still can’t decide on what I want to buy, haha! There’s really so much to choose from!

And that’s that. Download the Shopee app and find out what I’m talking about, you never know what treasure you’re gonna dig up. Happy shopping!

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