Am I the only one who’s OVER Kingdom Hearts?

The hype is definitely real because a bunch of Kingdom Hearts 3 game play footage just got launched into the interwebs, so check it out!

If you’re an avid fan of the KH series, it’s not easy to forget the Olympus Coliseum! It’s really where your most difficult and challenging fights happen, right? Hello, Ice Titan and Sephiroth, LOL. Well, the folks over at GameSpot were lucky enough to try out Kingdom Hearts 3 and it seems a new Titan fight has been developed for the game! Check out the video below:

It actually seems as if they’ve grown the simple Olympic Coliseum world into an actual Hercules world (where you can climb and explore and whatnot), which is always exciting for me! The biggest hook for me, in every Kingdom Hearts game, is every new world they introduce!

GameSpot also compiled the short video to showcase the new game play which involves special Keyblade transformations and new techniques!

IMHO, the game looks effin’ gorgeous. It looks so smooth and perfectly seamless. The new Keyblade transformations are quite interesting and will probably offer a much more flexible and dynamic game play for all fans out there. 🙂

Also, EuroGamer came out with a YT video that basically compiles all the new things we can learn about Kingdom Hearts 3:

This includes release dates – which is still to be confirmed by the team, but they’re sticking to a reveal date to be “revealed” next month. Maybe during E3? Who knows? I’m sick of waiting around, really. Just give us the damn game! HAHAHAHA.

TBQH, I’m really so OVER Kingdom Hearts. It’s exciting, yes, but I’m so sick of having to skirt my way around such a confusing and convoluted storyline. I mean, I only know a couple of people who can well and fully explain the plot to me. But heck, KH3 is looking to be quite the visual masterpiece so I’ll probably still play it. LOL.

What about you? Are you excited for Kingdom Hearts 3? What are you looking forward to the most?

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