Join The Anito Legends Closed Beta Test, A Filipino-Made NFT P2E Title

If you’re on the lookout to play something new, into roguelike dungeon crawlers, and are fond of mythology or folklore, you may wanna sign up for the closed beta testing of Anito Legends.

Proudly Filipino-led and made, the upcoming play-to-earn title is opening its beta testing indefinitely!

What Is Anito Legends?

Anito Legends Closed Beta

Anito Legends is a first roguelike auto battler being made by Filipinos in the Philippines. Taking inspiration from Philippine folklore, players will have to take control of a team of “Anitos” and go through towers to earn rewards.

When the game launches, four (4) Anito classes that will be available – the unpredictable Kiwig, the strong Sarangay, the swift Tikbalang and the elusive Siyokoy. Players can go through two modes – adventure mode or competitive PVP. Both modes will have their own pros and cons, so you need to check them out when the game releases soon! 🙂

The game is currently playable on desktop browsers on PC and Mac. Versions for mobile browsers, Android, and iOS are currently being developed as well.

How Is It Play-To-Earn?

Anito Legends

Anito Legends makes use of a dual token system with $LARO as the governance token and $GINTO for the utility token. The game is set to IGO within the second quarter of 2022 with the pre-sale of the initial genesis NFT’s. Following that, the play-to-earn mechanics will be implemented within those six months, before the year ends.

Though Anito Legends will have many P2E aspects, it is still a game, first and foremost. So there will be a certain amount of quality and integrity to be expected from the development. 🙂

As game developers with more than a decade’s experience in the casual gaming space, we want to explore this new platform using the blockchain so that players have the ability to earn a little bit of currency or at least recuperate the cost of the game.” This is according to James Chua, CEO of Masayato PTE LTD, the developer behind Anito Legends. “We want to further the space by creating a game that is truly fun to play by releasing regular updates for years to come.

Who Is The Team Behind Anito Legends?

Anito Legends Masayato

Masayato PTE LTD is the developer behind Anito Legends. Leading the pack is CEO James Chua, with Jed Cruz as Chief Creative Officer, and Erick Garayblas as COO of Game Design. And finally, Jayvee Fernandez is the CMO. Together, the team brings years of experience in through their respective fields, whether it be mobile game development, game design, or marketing in traditional and digital media.

But aside those running the company, Anito Legends also features local Filipino talent. Palanca award winning author and horror writer Yvette Tan is building the lore of the game, while the game’s OST is being developed by Myth_OS (Malek Lopez and Juan Miguel Sobrepena).

Of course, this is just the start of collaborations and partnerships for the Filipino-led title. So, it is exciting to see who they will work with next! 🙂

How Do I Sign Up For The Closed Beta?

Anito Legends P2E

Though Anito Legends is still in development, closed beta sign-ups are already open for those interested to try it out! You can just head over to and follow the instructions. You need a Metamask account to be able to sign up though, so be sure you have one! 🙂

ALSO! If you sign up for the CBT early, you may win a free NFT from Anito Legends, so go do it now, haha!

I’ve actually been playing the game since it first launched it CBT last January 2022, and as a fun of roguelikes, I am really impressed by how the whole game works. Go check it out! XD

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