AsiaPOP Comicon Lights Fire with First Line-Up of Guests

One of the most awaited conventions during the year is definitely AsiaPOP Comicon AND they’ve just announced their first (FIRST!!) batch of guests!

In an intimate press briefing, Abdulla Mahmood, Director of Marketing and International Business, of the Al Ahli Holding Group, revealed the convention’s first group of artists, cosplay icons, and celebrities.


Brian Ian Muir has been working in film for over 48 years and is best-known for his work on Star Wars that led to his well-received autobiography In the Shadow of Vader. The man is responsible for us having the iconic Darth Vader & Stormtrooper helmets! 🙂

Comics & Design:

Quite the regular in APCC, Simone Legno of Tokidoki is all set to bring the brand’s crazy-kawaii cool style to the event. Legno is the world-famous artist and graphic illustrator best known for being one of the brains behind art giant tokidoki, through which he has collaborated with names such as Karl Lagerfeld, LeSportsac, Onitsuka Tiger, Barbie, SEPHORA, Marvel, and Hello Kitty, among others.

Another regular at APCC, Whilce Portacio has done notable works which include the titles Uncanny X-men, X-Factor, The Punisher, Heroes Reborn: Iron Man, Wetworks and Spawn, among others. Besides being the co-founder of the Image Comics, Portacio is currently working independently for DC and Marvel.

Mexican comic-book colorist Alex Sinclair is best known for his collaborations with comic artists Jim Lee and Scott Williams. He has previously worked on Astro City, Alan Moore’s Top 10, Harley Quinn, Batman: Hush, Superman, and WildCATs, among others.

Multi-awarded comic book illustrator Lan Medina is the first Filipino artist to win the prestigious Will Eisner Comic Industry Award for his work Fables (for Best Serialized Story/Vertigo-DC
Comics) and is well-known for his work on Marvel Comics such as Venom Carnage, Cable / Deadpool, Silver Surfer, and the Punisher. He is also known for his work on DC Comics that includes his creation of a solo comic book for MERA, Queen of Atlantis, which is a character from the pages of Aquaman.

Mike McKone’s first published work was for DC Comics’ Justice League of America and Marvel Comics’ Punisher series. He has also worked on Teen Titans, Amazing Spider-Man, and
Fantastic Four. His recent projects include Avengers graphic novel: Endless Wartime and Justice League United.

American painter and comic book artist Phil Noto is known for his works Jonah Hex, X-23, Uncanny X-Force, and Black Widow. His work with Gerry Duggan, The Infinite Horizon, earned him an Eisner nomination for Best New Series. Noto also had a ten-year stint with Disney as clean-up artist for animated works such as The Lion King, Pocahontas, Mulan, Tarzan, Lilo & Stitch, and Brother Bear.


Canvas Cosplay, whose real name is Philip Odango, is an award-winning Filipino American costume designer. He is best known for his cosplay of Maui from Disney’s Moana, which was recognized by Disney’s head of animation as “The Real Maui.”

Leon Chiro, an award-winning cosplayer from Italy, is well-known for his videogame character cosplays that feature weapons and handmade accessories. Chiro will be making his first appearance in Manila through APCC.


Jessica Henwick plays the female lead Colleen Wing in Marvel’s Iron Fist and is also well-known for her role of Nymeria Sand in HBO’s hit series Game of Thrones. Henwick was
also seen in the global blockbuster Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Finn Jones is known as the titular character in the popular Marvel series Iron Fist, a role he reprised in the Marvel Universe series Luke Cage and The Defenders. Jones is set to be back for Iron Fist’s second season. In addition to playing the Defender, Jones is also well-known for his role as the Knight of Flowers, Loras Tyrell, in the sweeping HBO fantasy series Game of Thrones.

They also announced the convention’s ticket prices:

Tickets are actually already up for sale at!

So, who are you guys excited to meet? I’m pretty happy that APCC brought in a lot more comic book artists than they did last year and I’m sure they’re gonna bring in a lot more, not just from abroad, but locally as well!

I’m still waiting for video game guests, though, I hope the next few announcements will cover that! YASSSS. Can’t wait!

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