Astra Guild Ventures Grows Through Transparency, Security, & Speed

Play-to-earn and NFT games are definitely a big trend in the country. If you’re from the Philippines and are looking to jumpstart your NFT adventure, check out Astra Guild Ventures (AGV)!

One of the biggest gaming builds in the country, AGV has grown so much in 2021, and is highly fueled by its values of transparency, security, and speed.

What Is Astra Guild Ventures?

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I’m sure that everyone is a bit familiar with the play-to-earn and NFT gaming scene, especially since Axie Infinity is one of the biggest titles in the country. It has really helped boost the economic status of many Filipinos, especially since many of our countrymen were affected by the pandemic.

So, what is AGV? Astra Guild Ventures is one of the fastest-growing gaming guilds in the country. They help support and build the community for interested players who want to earn while gaming.

AGV’s main objective is to help those who cannot access NFT games, especially since most of them need a large capital to start with. They then lend these assets to players that either don’t want or can’t put up
money to buy these assets. These players, or so called scholars, play on their own time, reach
daily quotas, and get a good percentage of the rewards.

How Is The AGV Community Doing?

Astra Guild Ventures to PHP

As of writing, AGV already has around 250,000 community members. Given that they started only in early September 2021, this can be considered massive growth!

In terms of numbers, they also have 51,000 Discord members, 79,000 Twitter followers, 79,000
Facebook likes, and 62,000 Telegram members. Their Axie Scholar numbers are also nothing to laugh about, with 2,035 players engaged within the community.

AGV has also raised $8.3M from their Seed and Private Funding rounds, closing up to $10M after the public sale, as they offered AGV Tokens with a total supply cap of 2B priced in at $0.2 apiece.

Growth Fueled By Transparency, Security, and Commitment

Astra Guild Ventures Certik Certification

Astra Guild Ventures is proud to be fueled by their core values of security, transparency, and commitment to its members. This can be seen the dashboard that showcases their members’ asset list and earnings.

What’s more, AGV also has a CertiK certification. CertiK is a pioneer in blockchain security, checking any vulnerabilities, monitoring specific blockchain protocols, and flagging a blockchain for any dubious activities. This means that AGV’s members are safe and secure as part of the community.

AGV also has many future plans for its community members. Hopefully a roadmap will be shared soon! You can learn more about Astra Guild Ventures, its token, and the community via their Discord, Facebook, IO page, and their official social media channels! 🙂

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