ASUS And ROG Brings Back Cool For School Promo This 2022

ASUS Cool for School 2022

Half of 2022 is gone, people are slowly transitioning out of remote work, and face-to-face classes for students are returning! ASUS and ROG is launching their Cool for School 2022 Promo just in time for everything that is happening around us!

Check out the deals and discounts you can get in the 2022 version! Who knows, you may actually be able to purchase the device you’ve been saving up for at a discounted price! 🙂

ASUS ROG Cool For School 2022 Promo Details

asus cool for school

The ASUS and ROG Cool for School 2022 promo will run from July 15, 2022 until August 31, 2022. Both ASUS and ROG laptops, as well as ROG phones, are up for grabs. The timing is actually perfect as most professionals are now back in the office, and students are returning to face-to-face classes.

The promo will have special discount and exclusive bundles of items that are worth up to Php 23,000+!

Some of the key items that you can expect in the promo are namely the ASUS Vivobooks and Zenbooks with OLED displays, ROG Flow Z13, and ROG Zephyrus G14.

Promo Bonuses And Offers

cool for school asus

Some of the amazing freebies included in the ASUS ROG Cool for School 2022 promo include Epson printers, Zenscreen portable monitors, Marshall Major IV Bluetooth headphones, The North Face and Jansport Bags, ROG Claymore II Modular Keyboards, ROG Chakram X Mice, and even TUF Gaming monitors!

If you want to see the full line-up of laptops and devices with their corresponding discounts or freebies, be sure to check out the official ASUS ROG Cool for School 2022 site!

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