ASUS ROG Launches New Breed of OLED Monitors, Peripherals, and Components

ASUS ROG, or ASUS Republic of Gamers, recently held its “Unlock Your Play” event, wherein the brand revealed its new lineup of OLED monitors, peripherals, and gaming components.

Let’s check out my top picks, event highlights, and some of the new items we can expect from the brand in 2024. 🙂

New ASUS ROG OLED & IPS Panel Monitors


During the event, the gaming brand showcased several of its new OLED and IPS panel monitors. This includes the ROG Swift OLED PG32UCDM (Php 93,190) which boasts of a 32-inch 4K QD-OLED panel that delivers
astounding visuals at a buttery-smooth 240 Hz. It has a 0.03 ms response time and an advance custom heatsink to reduce the chances of burn-in.

For the IPS panels, the ROG Strix XG27UCS and XG27ACS (Php PHP 17,990) offers 180 Hz and 160 Hz refresh rates respectively. Each of these monitors have a 1 ms GTG response time, G-SYNC compatibility and Extreme Low Motion Blur Sync for that smooth, tear-free gaming experience.

Peripherals to Up Gaming Experience

asus rog peripherals 2024

Some of ROG’s latest gaming peripherals were also on display during the event, giving everyone a chance to experience using the devices themselves.

Some of the notable ones include the compact 65% gaming keyboard called the ROG Falchion RX Low Profile (Php 8,580), the ROG Cetra True Wireless SpeedNova gaming headphones (price is coming soon!), and the professional-grade cardioid USB microphone ROG Carnyx (Php 9,350).

If you recall, I wrote about most of these gaming periphs in my blog post about ROG’s announcements during the 2024 CES! 🙂

Compact Gaming Power with ASUS ROG NUC


One of the things I’m most excited about is the ROG NUC. This device features up to Intel® Core™ Ultra 9 processors and NVIDIA® RTX™ 4070 discrete graphics in a compact 2.5-litter chassis. It’s compatible with the Raikiri Pro controller, making it a great device for poweful gaming on-the-go.

Unfortunately, there is still no news on when the ROG NUC’s price and availability in the Philippines will be revealed. Aw, so sad. HUHU!

To find out more about all of this new breed of gaming devices from ASUS Republic of Gamers, be sure to check out the brand’s official website. 🙂

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