ASUS ROG Phone 2 – Unboxing & First Impressions

I’m always thankful for every opportunity that ASUS Republic of Gamers gives me to play around with their toys. This time, I was given a chance to fiddle around and experience the ROG Phone 2 in the most OMGluie way possible! Here’s the OMGluie ASUS ROG Phone 2 Unboxing & First Impressions!

ASUS ROG Phone 2 Specs & Pricing

You know that if the brand name Republic of Gamers is attached to a specific product, it was created and optimized to the one thing that unites us all – gaming!

ROG Phone 2 Unboxing AMOLED Display

The ROG Phone 2 comes with the following specs:
Snapdragon 855+ Processor (2.96 GHz)
Up to 675 MHz Adreno 640 GPU
UFS 3.0 Storage (Up to 1TB)
120 Hz/ 1ms AMOLED Display in Corning Gorilla Glass
6000 MAH Battery
Dual Front & Rear Cameras (24MP Front, 48MP/13MP Back)
170.99×77.6×9.48mm Dimensions

Okay, so, disclaimer, I am not a mobile phone guru. I’ve used a single phone brand for most of my adult life, so I don’t have the experience or authority to discern what’s hot and what’s not. XD But the specs alone are kind of overwhelming in their power. This definitely makes it a phone to consider, especially for those who want to take their mobile gaming to the next level.

I’ve listed above the specs that really caught my eye but I’m sure the phone has so much more to offer, so check out the official details HERE. And with that, the ROG Phone 2 (12Gb/512Gb) is currently priced at Php 49,995 while the ROG Phone 2 Ultimate Edition (12Gb/1TB) has the price of Php 59,995.

ASUS ROG Phone 2 – Packaging & Extras

Unique Triangular Polygon Box

I gotta say for sure that ROG did not hold back with packaging design. This is the first time I’ve seen a polygon-shaped box that is very unique to this phone.

ROG Phone 2 Unboxing Box Design

It’s not just cool-looking, it’s utilitarian, too. It houses the mobile phone, your charging cord & plug, even your AeroActive Cooler II, and the ROG Phone 2’s custom Aero Case in one splendid looking package.

ROG Phone 2 Unboxing Box Design

ROG Phone 2 Unboxing Box Inclusives

Though the box isn’t something you can probably reuse or recycle due to its custom compartments, it’s sure to strike up conversation when friends drop by your place for game night. XD

Attachable AeroActive Cooler II

The ROG Phone 2 comes with the attachable iconic AeroActive Cooler II. Really! What phone has its own custom cooling peripheral? How hardcore is that?!

ROG Phone 2 Unboxing AeroActive Cooler 2

This device is used to keep the phone cool when you’re gaming. It works and helps keep the unit’s temperature down but it can be kind of clunky due to its design. There’s a bit of inconvenience if you decide to carry it around so keep it to gaming at home if you don’t want to lose it while traveling.

ROG Phone 2 Unboxing AeroActive Cooler 2

When attached, the branding lights up (because how will ROG ever forget about the RGB??), so it won’t help make you inconspicuous in public. But then again, when you have the ROG Phone 2, who wants to be inconspicuous. HAHAHA.

ASUS ROG Phone 2 Features

Eye-catching Design & Detailing

There’s nothing generic about how the ROG Phone 2 looks and maybe that’s why it’s so eye-catching. The metal of the phone is done in a reflective mirror-like finish that MAKES IT SO HARD TO TAKE ACCURATE PHOTOS OF.

ROG Phone 2 Unboxing Back Details

ROG Phone 2 Unboxing Back Details

I am particularly fond of the iridescent panel lines that frame the ROG logo in the back of the phone, making it look like a piece of high-tech art. … Also did I mention that the ROG logo has RGB? XD

ROG Phone 2 Unboxing Back Details RGB

Well, then… Yes, yes it does. And you can control it, too. LOL!

Almost Bezel-less 120Hz/1ms AMOLED Display

The first thing I noticed when I was tinkering around with this phone is how almost bezel-less the display was. It’s perfect for FPS or MOBA games that require you to have a bigger point-of-view!

ROG Phone 2 Unboxing AMOLED Display

The resolution is definitely grand and with the 240Hz touch sampling rate, there’s no lag between your finger presses and controls in any game that you play. Lack of accuracy is something you can’t complain about because this phone has lots of it. XD

GameCool II Cooling System

The ROG Phone 2 boasts of its special GameCool II Cooling System that’s built into the device. You can actually see the vents in the back of the phone, so you know where the heat exhaust is.

ROG Phone 2 Unboxing GameCool II Cooling System

Let’s be honest, every phone heats up while gaming. But based on my experience, it does not heat up to intolerable temperatures that will stall your matches. When it gets bad, then pop in the attachable AeroActive Cooler II to help you manage the heat in order to play games longer! XD

AirTrigger II

Another unique feature of the ROG Phone series is the AirTrigger. This makes an updated comeback in the ROG Phone 2.

ROG Phone 2 Unboxing AirTrigger II

The AirTrigger II has minimized vibration latency from 63ms (from its ROG Phone predecessor) to 20ms! They’ve also improved the haptics and added a new sliding gesture. This feature is very useful, especially if you like extra buttons or love button-mapping to aid you further in your gameplay.

Armoury Crate User Interface

One of my favorite features of the ROG Phone 2 is the Armoury Crate user interface. The customization options it provides you is something I’ve never seen before in a mobile phone.

ROG Phone 2 Unboxing Armoury Crate UI

ROG Phone 2 Unboxing Armoury Crate UI

Imagine being able to control touch sensitivity, phone notifications while in-game, and creating personal scenarios PER FREAKIN’ GAME with just a slide of your fingertips. Mobile gaming really hasn’t been this customizable, ever!

24MP Front-Facing Camera

I didn’t get to test out the ROG Phone 2’s back cameras due to the busy-ness of the holiday season. But I did get to take some selfies. I’m a girl, so you gotta give this to me. XD

ROG Phone 2 Unboxing 24MP Front Facing Camera

There’s a beauty filter built in so I don’t look as crappy as I really did the day I took these photos. So, HAHA, I’m pretty impressed!

ASUS ROG Phone 2 – First Impressions & Gaming Experience

I’ve had the ROG Phone 2 for almost 2 weeks and I’m having serious gadget & gamer greed! I want to get it for myself and use it as my gaming-specific mobile, LOL.

Everything just runs so smoothly! I barely have any loading times and transitioning between games is seamless! The battery life may be problem but the HyperCharging technology helps you get back into the game quickly! (Also, try to take breaks in between games, game rage & too much screen time can be unhealthy. XD)

ROG Phone 2 Unboxing

There’s also something to be said about the customization the Armoury Crate UI gives you. It really brings your mobile gaming to a higher stage.

The ROG Phone 2 was created by gamers for gamers. Those who don’t need its powerful specs will say it’s over-the-top and too excessive (ya’ll really don’t need all that RGB) but when your rank matters to you, you don’t want your device to be the one throttling your performance and chances. When you’re a gamer, TBH, the more excessive, the better. HAHAHA!

ROG Phone 2 Unboxing

The ROG Phone 2 provides you with all the technical competitive edge needed to perform in any game spectacularly. You’ve got the optimization, the speed, & the best immersive mobile gaming experience the market has to ask for. Now, all you need to bring to the table is your gaming skill. XD

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