Bilibili Launches Vcreator Livestreaming Program

Many in the geek community are probably very familiar with Vtubers. As a way to ride onto this trend, geek platform and community Bilibili has recently launched its VCreator (Virtual Creator) Livestreaming Program!

Users and fans of Bilibili will now be able to stream and watch VCreator content on its different channels! 🙂

What Is Bilibili?

bilibili platform

For those who are not familiar with Bilibili yet, it is a “highly engaged, interactive, and sticky video community” that focuses on anime, comics, and video game content.

One of the platform’s unique features is the “live comments chat,” which allows users to comment and engage each other while they are viewing the same video. Other than that, one of the main selling points of the platform seems to be its large portfolio of licensed current anime and SEA shows that can be streamed for online viewing.

What Is The VCreator Livestreaming Program

bilibili selected creators feature

Recently, Bilibili launched its VCreator Livestreaming Program. The program is part of Bilibili’s effort to keep its user community engaged, while also promoting their own Bilibili Selected Creators. The Bilibili Selected Creator feature was also launched recently, only last May, and it features new content creators and their videos on the platform for every every two weeks.

According to Hitory Achylz, one of the up-and-coming Vcreators on Bilibili, “I am a happy content creator on Bilibili and I encourage more creators to try the Vcreator, which makes content creation fun!”

According to Analyze Anime, “Bilibili is not just a platform that offers copyrighted anime series. It is most importantly an aggregator that encourages Filipino creators to express themselves, showcase their creative skills and possibly serve as a platform to become full-scale creators.”

You can check out more about Bilibili and its VCreator livestreaming program by downloading the Google Play or iOS app, visiting their official streaming site, or official Facebook. 🙂

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