Bingsu Diaries II: Seol & Bean

After having that lovely dinner at OGAWA Traditional Japanese Restaurant, I was craving for some dessert! Luckily, we found a Korean cafe in The Fort Strip, too – Seol & Bean.

In the darkness of the night (LOL it was only really 7PM or 8PM), it was a shining beacon of bingsu light. My recent fondness (er, obsession, really) over the Korean shaved ice dessert is really no secret, haha!

Seol & Bean can be found right behind Gourdo’s in The Fort Strip. The facade is illuminated by blinding LED signs and lights, so, it’s pretty easy to see at night. 🙂




The interesting theme that I’ve noticed across all the bingsu cafes/places I’ve tried is how they are so adamant on showing off the “Christmas” or “snow-y” feels of their decor. LOL.

Seol & Bean is no different, with snowmen figures by the door, snowflakes pasted on windows, and photos of snowy mountains and landscapes. It’s pretty funny considering there’s no snow in the Philippines and we live in a tropical country.



Maybe it’s their way of saying that this is the closest you can get to snow here? IONNO. But I’m not complaining. 🙂

Anyway, as usual, I ordered the Mango Bingsu (Php170).


Seol & Bean’s shaved ice is super yummy! It has the right amount of creaminess and sweetness without overpowering the taste of mangoes. Just thinking about it makes me want to traipse over to The Fort Strip as soon as possible, haha!

My boyfriend ordered the Melon Bingsu (Php190). Melon is his favorite fruit!


I didn’t get to taste his bingsu. (Wow, poor choice of words.) It’s either I didn’t want to grab any from him (it was his birthday, then) so he could fully enjoy all the melon pieces or he ate it too fast I didn’t get a chance to get a spoon in. (This is probably a lie because I eat like a hare and he gobbles things up like a turtle, HAHAHAHA.)

So, that’s Seol & Bean for you guys. It’s not expensive, I think, and the shaved ice is good. Currently, this bingsu place is at par with Cafe Seol Hwa in terms of fruit proportions and shaved ice taste. 🙂

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