Blast from the Past with OGAWA Traditional Japanese Restaurant

Earlier this month, I was able to try a new Japanese place located in BGC. It was a wonderful experience and it kills me that it took a while for me to write about it, haha! But anyway, here are my thoughts on OGAWA Traditional Japanese Restaurant!

OGAWA might be a bit tricky to find. Located in The Fort Strip, you can find it on the second floor of the line of buildings that house K-Pub and Tony Roma’s. In fact, it’s directly above Tony Roma’s. 🙂

Once you get to the second floor, it’s definitely hard to miss. The resto’s entrance is a beautiful portal to what seems like a blast from the Japanese past. If you’re an aficionado of historical Japanese culture (I’m mostly influenced by Rurouni Kenshin, to be quite honest) then you’ll really love the aesthetics of the place.



I’ll let the pictures do the talking, mostly, haha! Because it’s really so cute and ugh, it tingles my little otaku brain whenever I think about just sitting there in a  kimono and drinking warm sake. (Which we did not do when we visited and which we totally SHOULD HAVE LOL.)





Tradition is seldom a word used to define and describe a Japanese restaurant in the Philippines, at OGAWA it is the foundation the restaurant is built upon. From the Kaiseki menu and offerings of Teppan, Robatayaki, and Sushi, its design, ambiance, and service, everything will ring authentic and traditional. That is the promise OGAWA brings to its distinct and discriminating patrons.

Anyhoo, we didn’t order anything grand but before anything else, we were served a salmon dish for appetizers.


We also nabbed an order of Salmon Sashimi (Php380) which is my FAVORITE! Yum! It was really good, okay. It was so fat, fresh, and juicy, haha!


Then for our main course, we decided to get set meals. And they turned out to be a good idea because their set meals have a LOT of food in them.

I ordered Koyaki Jyu To Udon Zen (Php480) which included a salad, fruits as dessert, Udon Noodle Soup, and Sliced US Beef Cooked in Sweet Soy Broth rice bowl.




I loved everything! Especially the beef rice bowl! The thinly-sliced beef melts in your mouth and the sauce reminded me a bit of teriyaki sauce. And I’m a sucker for all sweet things, LOL. But I couldn’t finish the Udon Noodle Soup so I had my boyfriend finish it. HAHA!

My boyfriend ordered the Teppan Gozen (Php760) which had Fried Rice, Miso Soup, a mix of salmon, prawn, and 120g. US Rib-Eye teppan steak plus salad and fruits.



I had a bite of the fried rice and the teppan steak and they were really tasty! I LOVED the fried rice. (Actually any kind of rice, I can eat barrels of the thing.)

I have no complaints about my experience at OGAWA. I gotta warn people though that their prices are a little deceiving since their menu says that their prices don’t include the 12% VAT and other things, so expect the amount on your bill to inflate a bit.

The place was pretty and the food was really good. The prices are a little too much for me but it’s a cute resto to go to during very special occasions, HAHA!

You can find out more about OGAWA Traditional Japanese Restaurant if you visit their website or Facebook page. 🙂

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