Bravely Second: 1-Turn Victory Streaks, AutoBattle Trailer

Bravely Second: End Layer has just released another video that goes a little more in-depth in terms of battle system and gameplay. Check it out!

The video is actually a great explanation on the original battle system of Bravely Default, which is something that they’re also using in Bravely Second. But they also introduce the new concept of the 1-Turn Victory Streak, which, when you kill a batch of enemies in 1 Turn, allows you to face another set of enemies.

LOL. I wrote a bit about this in my deep dive into the Bravely Second demo with my personal record being 11 Turns, I think. LOL.


The video also talks about AutoBattle, wherein players can assign their characters the same moves they used in the previous turn or have a pre-determined set of moves. This will lessen the time a player will stay on the battle menu so that they can focus more time on the battle itself.


Lastly, the video mentions “special moves,” something that was also used in the prequel game. Here you can put added effects that will stack up when used. And I have to say that those added effects, when you know the type of boss you’re facing, will really help you get that damage you need to make.


Summoning a friend that you’ve tagged via StreetPass is also talked a little bit about here, but those who have played Bravely Default would know all about this already, hahaha!


Overall, it’s a nice concise video to let people know what they’re getting into when they start playing the series via Bravely Second. They’ve improved the gameplay a little bit, making it easier to grind those hard-earned levels and job points. LOL.

You can check out the trailer below:

Bravely Second: End Layer is coming out on April 15, 2016. That’s the end of this week! Have you reserved/pre-ordered your copies already? I’m crossing my fingers I can chance upon a Collector’s Edition, much like I did when Bravely Default first came out a couple of years ago. UGH. I’m so excited!

You can visit their WEBSITE for updates and everything else. 🙂

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