Bravely Second: Chompcraft 101 + Tips & Tricks

If you haven’t gotten that far ahead on Bravely Second, I wouldn’t reco you reading this post. But if you have, and have discovered the quirky wonders of Chompcraft, by all means, go ahead and read up on what I think of this cute, little mini-game so far. :))

Chompcraft is a bizarre new mini-game introduced in Bravely Second. Early on in the game, while you’re starting your adventures in Al-Khampis, a weird owl creature will give you a Chompcraft starter kit. Er, basically, you just need to create plushies of Chompers and sell them for points that you can, later on, exchange for real in-game cash.


You might recognize these sturdy little buggers from Bravely Default and now they’re back, not just to bring you grief (yes, I know they’re hard-hitting and as tough as a box of bomb shells) but to keep you company when you’re busy with real life and can’t focus on playing through the main story of the game. (I like to keep my Chompcrafting on when I’m at my desk working on my home business, haha!)

It’s pretty simple and everything is time-based. You don’t really have to do much but to watch out for when you’ve filled up a box of Chompers to sell.



You get upgrades once you’ve made enough Chomp Points, you can purchase them through a menu on the lower left of the touch screen, and each upgrade boosts the character’s capabilities. For example, Yew is in charge of painting on a Chomper plush’s colors so if you upgrade his paintbrush you can get a higher percentage of him designing a rare Chomper!


There’s also such a thing as Snack Time – a button you can activate once the bar is full (after you’ve finished creating a certain amount of Chompers) that gives a limited time boost to all your characters. 🙂 (Trust me, this will be your favorite little button when the stakes get higher, LOL!)



The truth is, there isn’t that much of a point with Chompcrafting, HAHA. I haven’t gotten to the part where you can exchange your Chomp Points for actual in-game money but I’m pretty sure I’ll get there soon. And I know that will help when you have to purchase extremely expensive vanity items in-game. LOL.

I’ve actually only spent a few good hours playing Chompcrafting but I’ve gotten the hang of it, so here are a few of my tips and tricks!
1. Save, save, save – Make sure that when you start out, save us much of the CP you can because you’ll need it later!
2. But don’t be afraid to shell out – Spend on your tools when you can afford them but don’t overdo it!
3. Upgrade the Snack Time bar first – What I did was upgrade the Snack Time bar first so it lasted longer, it also produced more Chomper plushies, and increased the rarity of the designs, adding up to a good bonus at the end.
4. Time using your Snack Time button and Tool Upgrades accordingly – Each of these boosts have limited time. The more you upgrade, the longer each boost lasts BUT make sure that you’re right on the money when you activate them so you can maximize the length of time each boost provides.


EXTRA TIP: Once you’ve gotten all the upgrades available, it’s not that difficult to make loads of Chomp Points. BUT make sure you activate your boosts when you have 5-8 seconds left til the first Chomper plush is produced. This can make you maximize your Snack Time for up to 3 boxes of plushies! Try it out! 🙂

Haha! What about you guys? Have you gotten the hang of this mini-game? I’m excited to exchange my CP for PG soon! Yay!

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