Can’t Contain Kingdom Hearts Feels With New KH3 PS4 PRO

Yep, it’s time. After years of waiting for Kingdom Heart 3, we are finally getting the game at the end of January 2019! What’s more, Sony has just announced that the Kingdom Hearts III Limited Edition Playstation 4 Pro is being launched in stores ON. THE. SAME. DAY.

Most people know I have a distinct love/hate (more hate, actually) relationship with Kingdom Hearts. Given that I’ve played most of the games in the series, I can’t bring myself to say that I love it. Because I don’t.

Anyway, my tsundere-ness is not what you’re here for, probably, LOL. So let’s get down to business.

Kingdom Hearts 3 PlayStation 4 Box

This gorgeous piece of hardware comes with a 1TB HDD, one (1) Wireless Controller (DUALSHOCK®4) & a the Blu-ray Disc™ copy of the PlayStation®4 software KINGDOM HEARTS III (English version). It will be available here, in the Philippines, like OMG. HAHA! Where are my monies at??

Kingdom Hearts 3 PlayStation 4 Controller

The print on the Playstation itself is very unique and I can say that I’ve never really seen anything like it on previous Kingdom Hearts designs. It’s kind of reminiscent of the runes found in the puzzle dungeons in FFX, haha!

If you don’t already know, Kingdom Hearts 3 is launching on January 29,  2019 (Tuesday). It is the final installment to the Dark-Seeker arc, which began the entire KH bonanza in the first place. We’ll be reunited with Sora, Riku, Kairi, Donald Duck, Goofy, and King Mickey to adventure through worlds and save it from being dissolved into darkness!

Kingdom Hearts 3 Deluxe Edition

You can pre-order the game from any authorized sellers and the SRP is Php 3,099 for the Standard Edition and Php 4,399 for the Deluxe Edition. Of course, being the hoe that I am, I ended up pre-ordering the Deluxe Edition and getting the All-In-One Package on PSN. HAHAHAHA!

So, are you guys on the Kingdom Hearts hype train, too? Coz I’m not. LOL.

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