Capcom Announces Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate for Nintendo Switch

Holy mother of effin’ video game news. I didn’t expect to be blown away a MONTH before all the E3 news hits the internet fans but Capcom just announced that they’re releasing Monster Hunter: Generations Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch! Read on to find out more!

If you’re one of the unlucky ones, like me, who was never blessed with the capability to read/write/understand Japanese or has never had access to Monster Hunter: Double Cross (on either the 3DS or the Nintendo Switch), then we’re finally getting our chance to dip our toes into what we’ve been missing all this time! More Deviant monsters, G-rank quests, and of course, the new Elder Dragon, Valfalk!

You can watch the extremely heart-racing trailer below:

The game is slated to be released this August 28, 2018. So near yet so far! D:

If you need more information, more details can be found HERE at the official Capcom blog/site.

TBH, I DIDN’T EXPECT THIS NEWS AT ALL! My mind (and heart) had accepted the fact that I’ll never draw my Dual Blades and fight face to face with Valfalk. BUT HERE WE ARE. AND I AM ECSTATIC. OHGOD. What do I do now? Shit. I need a Switch, stat.
*Images and video link from Capcom*

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