Check out Nintendo’s E3 Announcements for Monster Hunter Generations!

Nintendo has just announced this E3 2016 that Monster Hunter Generations will be launching a demo soon, plus news on features and a sale for Monster Hunter 4: Ultimate on the Nintendo North American Shop!

So if (like me) you’re more than excited about the upcoming Monster Hunter Generations, then you’ll be happy to know that we’re getting a Special Demo this June 30! Yes, that’s just two weeks away and we can get a sneak peek on the gameplay of the new MonHun game! Yay!

You can check out the E3 2016 gameplay demo video below:

You’ll get three main quests – Hunt a Great Maccao, Hunt a Malfestio, Hunt a Nargacuga. There will be tutorials for those who are just getting their feet wet and of course, it will feature all 14 weapons and the 4 Hunting Styles. And something called Prowler mode.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate save data transfer bonus


If you’ve played MH4U previously, you get a special bonus if you transfer your save data for Monster Hunter Generations! You get some items and a super adorable (and exclusive!!!) Baby Tigrex Felyne armor set. And finally, you can get MH4U for just $19.99 at the NA Shop, ONLY until June 21!

There are more details on the updates written down on their blog over HERE, so you can go more in-depth on what you can expect. Also, check out the Nintendo Treehouse activities at their website, they’ve got a lot of news especially about the new Zelda games. Haha!

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