Cheese-y Noms at Melt Grilled Cheesery

Hello, hello everyone! I’m so sorry for the lack of updates. I pretty much hibernated over the past few weeks (what with Monster Hunter and all). But here I am with a new post about the only resto in Manila that specializes in Grilled Cheese dishes – MELT!

Melt can be found in Uptown Place Mall in Bonifacio Global City, it’s on the third floor and can be accessed via the verandas. It’s not hard to find because you can just take the escalators located outside the mall. 🙂



The aesthetic of the place is very bee’s knees. No, I mean, like bees-y. HAHAHA. I say this because the restaurant is covered in black and yellow colors and has a lot of wooden and metal accents.




The lighting is very ambient too and there’s an open kitchen where you can see the personnel working and preparing your dishes behind a metal and steel bar.




Anyway, on to the food! Melt is famous for their Grilled Cheese sandwiches. They have around 4-5 sandwich dishes to offer plus a few other restaurant staples such as soups, pastas, and appetizers.

And here is what we ordered, haha! I took a gander at their Sampler Menu and ordered the Tocino Chorizo and Mushroom Risotto (Php 385).


I would have to be super honest here. In theory, it sounds like such an appetizing dish. And the Mushroom Cheese Risotto was delicious! But what killed me was the Tocino Chorizo. It was semi-burnt and the sweetness of the meat kind of clashed with how savory the risotto was.

Huhu. I actually only ate less than half of the plate, which made me really sad and disappointed because I love, love, love risotto and I’ve been craving it for AGES. :<

Anyway, my boyfriend ordered the Pot Roast Cheese Toast (Php 465).


Okay, so when they brought out the sandwich it looked a-mazing! I mean, you could literally see cheese melting. Like, who doesn’t love that?!

I took two bites from the dish and both those bites were heavenly. The sandwich had tender slices of beef inside mixed in with some mashed potatoes. Talk about a mouthful! But maybe it’s a bit too much? The thing is, according to my boyfriend, you really have to eat the sandwich while the cheese is gooe-y and melty in order to fully enjoy it.

I would suggest sharing this ginormous dish with someone else because one regular-sized person would be challenged to finish it all by himself/herself. So, kudos to my boyfriend who cleaned off his plate with only complaints of being too full for dessert, HAHAHA.

Anyway, my advice to you if ever you decide to take a trip to Melt, I think it would be best to order their Grilled Cheese sandwiches and kinda lay off of the sampling menu. Also, bring a friend!

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