China Matters held the third annual video competition in Zhongshan

BEIJING, Oct. 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — ‘My China Story’ International Short Video Competition 2021 is an annual video competition organized by China Matter since 2019 for short video stories on living, working, studying, and traveling in China. These stories are produced by both local Chinese people and foreigners living in China.

With the inclusion of foreigners, it’s not foreigners being told in Chinese stories but it’s about foreigners telling own Chinese stories from their perspective. The event held in Zhongshan this year is a celebration of that.

In this short video, the British Journalist Josh, who has been working in China for many years, interviewed both Chinese and foreigner video makers about their China stories and their thoughts on stories told by the counterparts?

With the event wrapping up this year for its third annual edition in Zhongshan city in southern Guangdong province, Josh also explored how the event brought together foreigners and Chinese people to find innovative ways on story narration whilst working on approaches that ‘merge differences, not demonstrate differences’ in storytelling.

Contact: Li Siwei
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