Club Audition M Unleashes the Beat in Electrifying New Update

PlayPark has just announced that its rhythm game is getting an electrifying new update as Club Audition M: Amplified! Check out the new gaming experience, revamped look, exciting new features, and more!

Amplify Club Audition M Vibes

Undergoing a complete creative refresh but still continuing to have the essence of the original Club Audition Mobile brand, the game’s new design includes more refined elements as well as the familiar refresh arrows style.

New Challenging Features

Club Audition Mobile: Amplified CAMFamily

Club Audition M: Amplified has a bunch of new game features that will take its players through exciting rhythm adventures.

This includes the GM tournament, where players can experience a newly automated GM Tournament, letting them compete whenever they want. The GM Couple Tournament is for Game Couples, or partnered players, who want to challenge other partnered players for valuable rewards. In the same way, the GM Fam Tournament is for FAM members, or players from the same group, who want to go head-to-head with other FAMs in Club Audition M: Amplified.

Amplify You Club Audition M Dancer & Community

Club Audition Mobile: Amplified new fashion

Of course, Club Audition M: Amplified will not let its players go out on the dance floor without being able to dress up their Clubbers. There will be fresh, exclusive fashion and items available in the game shop!

What’s more, the game will offer a lot of social activities and events that Clubbers and their community can participate in. This includes CAMCool Trends, encouraging players to be a CAMshionista and flex their best outfits based on beats suggested by the community. There’s also CAMmunity Feels, which is all about celebrating all the wonderful, colorful individuals in the community.

Club Audition Mobile: Amplified CAMkada community

For those who want to kill it on the dance floor, CAMpions Tournament will be on-ground tournaments which will give amazing prizes and even ultra-exclusive merch. The CAM THREEndy Party will be a celebration of the mobile game’s 3rd birthday party. And lastly, CAM x Bunnies Party which is a community-driven event celebrating the popular K-Pop group New Jeans!

Join the rhythm revolution today! CAM on to the dancefloor: the rhythm gaming sensation is back, and it’s bigger, bolder, and more electrifying than ever before. Download the game now and amplify your moves!

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