Joins Gamers At CONQuest Festival 2022

It seems everybody who is everybody took part in the recently concluded CONQuest Festival 2022., one of the first platforms that made crypto available in the Philippines, even joined in on the fun with exciting activities, bonuses, and prizes for those who visited their booth!

Check out all the fun that gamers, cosplayers, and enthusiasts had at the booth at CONQuest 2022! 🙂 At CONQuest Festival 2022 conquest festival 2022 Wei Zhou

During the event, gave bonuses for visitors who signed up for the account. This includes crypto credits, gaming gear, and raffle prizes. I personally own a account so I simply had to show the interface of the app to get a chance to win in the raffle and participate in the mini-games they had in the booth. XD

“ is constantly evolving with the technology, and with this, we are also evolving the experiences we build for our customers. The gaming community has always been open to new ideas and ways of doing things that tapping into this segment is a great opportunity to reach like-minded young people who are always excited for the future. We aim to be better ingrained in Filipinos’ culture and lifestyle by providing opportunities to pursue financial freedom through crypto and other innovative digital financial services,” said Wei Zhou, CEO of

I know a lot of people are apprehensive and still skeptical about web3, cryptocurrency, and the like. But has been in the Philippines for quite some time. It even supports crypto such as AXS and SLP, which was especially helpful during the pandemic when everyone was playing Axie Infinity, haha! Other gaming cryptocurrency they have in their platform include GALA (GALA Games), SAND (The Sandbox), and MANA (Decentraland)!

You can learn more about and its offerings via their official website, Facebook, Twitter, and other official channels. 🙂

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