UNBOXING: Colourette Cosmetics Colour It! Bleach Cloud And Sky Dye

I recently started dye-ing my hair again, haha, and just in time, too! A local Philippine brand named Colourette Cosmetics just launched their new line-up of bleaching kits and hair dyes called Colour It!

I was lucky enough to actually get to purchase both the bleaching kit and some of the dyes before they sold out during the 10.10 Shopee sale, haha! Here’s the unboxing of my haul! <3

Colourette Cosmetics – Bleach Cloud Hair Lightening Kit

Colourette Cosmetics Bleach Cloud

The Colourette Cosmetics Bleach Cloud Hair Lightening Kit is priced at Php 599. It’s available on the brand’s Shopee page, which is where I bought it! I gotta say, for a local brand, the packaging is superb!

The items come inside a thick iridescent cardboard box, and everything written outside of the box gives you a lot of details about the product! 🙂

Colourette Cosmetics Bleach Cloud

The kit comes with five (5) distinct items – the White Powder Bleach at 167 grams, 250ml of 30 vol. or 9% developer, a pair of black latex gloves, a mixing bowl, and a tint brush.

A small instruction pamphlet is also included, and what I like about it is that it illustrates how to use the product in different local languages, even other Philippine dialects! 🙂

My only complaint is that the latex gloves are a bit too big for my child hands, but that’s a minor personal thing. HAHA! Otherwise, for 167g of bleach powder that can likely cover shoulder-length hair, Php 500 for a complete kit is pretty affordable! XD

As of writing, I’ve already tried the Bleach Cloud kit, and boy, just wait for my review because I am just floored, HAHAHA!

Colourette Sky Dye In Phoenix And Space Girl

Colourette Cosmetics Sky Dye

I also purchased two shades of the Colourette Cosmetics Sky Dye – the Space Girl and Phoenix shades. The 200ml jar is priced at Php 599 each as well.

The dyes comes in the same iridescent-like box that gives off a rainbow sheen when tilted in the sunlight just right. 🙂 Each of the shades come in custom-colored boxes, so it won’t be hard to tell which color is what, haha!

Colourette Cosmetics Sky Dye Phoenix

Colourette Cosmetics Sky Dye Space Girl

When unboxed, the jars are wrapped in plastic to prevent any of the dye from spilling. And I also noticed the same sparkle on the jars, which makes them really pretty and eye-catching.

I totally love that the packaging of this whole line-up of products seems really thought through. XD

Colourette Cosmetics Sky Dye Phoenix

The Colourette Cosmetics Sky Dye in Phoenix is a brilliant, brilliant, BLINDING orange. LIKE if there was an orange color, this would be it! HAHA!

It kinda reminds me of Haley Williams’s hair way back when. I don’t plan on turning my hair completely orange, by the way, HAHA! I just plan on mixing this color with pink to create a more peachy color. 🙂

Colourette Cosmetics Sky Dye Space Girl

Okay, to be honest, when I unboxed the Colourette Sky Dye in Space Girl, I was very disappointed in the shade of pink that greeted me. 🙁

Instead of seeing a vibrant light pink, I was greeted with a purple-y kind of dark pink instead? I was really hoping to mix the two dyes together, because I would rather stick to one brand when mixing colors, just for consistency’s sake. 🙁

Anyway! Php 599 for a 200ml jar doesn’t seem too bad for me. I’ve seen a lot of raving reviews about the longevity and vibrancy of each of the dyes (save for Space Girl, huhu), so I’m really curious about what my hair will look like after I use them.

So, what do you guys think of the price range? You can actually check out the other shades on Shopee, plus, if you wanna try them out, the 11.11 sale is coming! So, get your wallets ready! XD

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