Confessions of a Monster Hunter Noob

The launch of Monster Hunter X (Cross???) is just around the corner and here I am talking about Monster Hunter 4: Ultimate. But forgive me, MH4U is very dear to my heart because it’s the first and only Monster Hunter game that I have ever played to completion.

And I gotta tell you, I absolutely had no idea what I was up against. Haha! So let me tell you some of the things that I’ve learned from this challenging yet very fun Nintendo 3DS game. 🙂

1. Monster Hunter is HELLA hard

2015-09-27 12.18.26

I have never played a game as hard as Monster Hunter. Sure, I’ve had my fair share of adventure games (pfff, Kingdom Hearts does not hold a candle) but this is one that takes the cake in terms of difficulty.

If there’s one piece of advice I can share regarding the difficulty of MonHun, it’s, “Be prepared to die.” Yes. You will die. Numerous times. Countless times. More times than you can ever count. Sometimes you’ll win, sometimes you’ll lose. But you’ll get better. Get yourself a New 3DS or a Circle Pad Pro to keep from hurting your fingers. It makes things easier to have an extra analog control button for the camera. Or, you know, if you’re just a pro & bad ass, you don’t have to. Then, keep pressing on until you achieve the goal of completing quests and challenges.

2015-09-27 12.36.43
Here’s my toon lying on the ground after a Rajang beat her ass up. LOL.
2015-09-27 12.36.48
Getting carted around after fainting takes up valuable hunting time!
2015-09-27 12.26-tile
My gear wardrobe. Took a lot of time and effort!

Monster Hunter is HELLA FREAKIN hard but the rewards are amazing. There will always be a sense of pride when you complete your mission and come home more experienced than when you left. When you’ve farmed enough materials to say that yes, you’ve done it and now you’ve got to hunt some more. MonHun is addictive in that sense.

2. Palicoes are <3

2015-09-27 12.32-horz

Faithful feline companions that share your wins and fails, Palicoes are one of the key selling points of the game. I don’t know about you but I have this sinking feeling that they were created to soften the blow of every defeat you are faced with in-game. HAHAHA!

Oh but they are adorable! Sometimes it hurts to see them fighting every giant monster you face. I mean, come on, they’re cute little furballs! But don’t let those charming facades fool you. I’ve experienced some epic moments where my Palicoes saved me in the nick of time by going all Rath-of-Meow or Flying Bomb on them monsters, LOL.

The best aspect of Palicoes for me, besides them being those tiny fluffy balls of in-game battle support, is when you dress them up in different Palico gear. Of course you’ve got to choose the strongest gear to help you fight monsters but I personally like the Gore Magala Palico gear, hehe!

2015-09-27 12.31-horz

Also, letting go of a Palico is one of the hardest things you’ll ever have to watch and do. 🙁

2015-09-27 12.28.34

3. Ace Commander is also <3

2015-09-27 12.19.18


Ace Commander is the love of my Monster Hunter life. He comes across as a strict & stoic character but boy, when you soften him up, you really do soften him up (albeit unwillingly on his end)! … This isn’t really relevant to this post but I just had to put him somewhere in here. Okay, but seriously, MonHun doesn’t have much in terms of an engaging story. I’d go so far as to say that it really is quite the game for boys/men, LOL! It has enough plot to keep you going until you reach the end but it’s really the hunting of monsters, farming materials, building gear, and playing online that keeps most of us in the game.


But Ace Commander also plays a pivotal role in the small story so you gotta give him some credit. He is also very nice on the eyes and pretty to look at. 🙂 Oh! He also uses Dual Blades and I use Dual Blades. I figure we’re sort of meant to be, you know. 🙂

4. It’s one of the best games I’ve ever played

2015-09-27 12.58.28

And it’s definitely not the last Monster Hunter game that will grace my gaming repertoire. LOL. I’m really looking forward to Monster Hunter X (Cross???) as I write this and I cannot wait to see what changes and improvements they’ve made to the game.

Monster Hunter will put your gamer pride to the test. If you’re into something that requires a little more thinking than your basic hack-and-slash, button-mash adventure games, then this just might be it.

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