CooTek Further Expands Its Pan-entertainment Content Ecology Through Strategic Investment in Gaming Industry

SHANGHAI, May 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — CooTek (Cayman) Inc. (NYSE: CTK) (“CooTek” or the “Company”), a fast-growing global mobile internet company, announced its recent investment in Shanghai Lejiu Network Technology Co., Ltd. (“Lejiu”), a mobile game studio that produces creative boutique mobile games. Through this investment, CooTek has further enhanced its cooperation with third-party corporate partners in the mobile game industry and expanded its pan-entertainment content ecology.

“We have seen great success in Lejiu’s experience in the mobile game industry. Multiple industry veterans have shown their creativity and determination in developing and producing boutique mobile games with the feature of storylines. In terms of business outlook, Lejiu’s team has shown extraordinary innovation in designing plots. This partnership will bring a positive synergy with CooTek’s online literature platform. This strategic integration will increase users’ stickiness on the platform and attract a myriad of content creators to unleash their talents to create more diverse IP content.” according to a statement from CooTek.

As a form of entertainment, mobile games are a significant part of CooTek’s content ecology strategy with their outstanding performance. CooTek will continue to explore boutique mobile games with high-quality content to upgrade its platform and form a mobile game matrix. Meanwhile, CooTek will take advantage of its substantial content library to offer unique mobile game types to attract users in the gaming industry. CooTek will further explore the synergy between boutique mobile games and online literature.

CooTek is seizing this opportunity with Lejiu to showcase its ambitions in its future strategic mobile game development goals. The Company states, “CooTek plans to invest in more boutique mobile games and empower high-quality mobile game corporate partners with an open mind to help more such teams to realize their dreams. The mobile game developers can thus take the spotlight and achieve great success in the industry, while app users can access more fun mobile games through CooTek’s integrated services covering mobile game issuance, distribution, and joint operation.”

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