Cosplay: Jean Grey “Phoenix”

If you read my recent post about NexCon 3, then you’d know that I took some time to cosplay as one of my most favorite female characters, X-Men’s Jean Grey or Phoenix. AANNND, here are more photos, as I promised!

Er, they’re not a lot, actually but all of them were taken by my most favorite photographer, Erving Go. 🙂 He’s the best! Anyway, the costume was made around 2 years ago by Barbie Dance Wear, a small shop in Makati Cinema Square, and I bought my wig from Cosmic Bytes Cosplay Shop. I had to cut it up and volumize it a little bit because it was too long when I first got it, haha!

Anyhoo, here are the photos, LOL. (Please forgive the shameless self-post, guys, but I really love this costume, okay, hahaha!)




Have some LULZ, too. :))


Why did I choose to cosplay Phoenix? Well, I’m a sucker for strong, powerful, beautiful women. And I’ve always been fond of Jean Grey even before she became the Phoenix (during the 90’s anime when people thought that she really sucked coz her telekinetic/telepathic powers were really weak). LOL.

Hopefully I get to cosplay the Dark Phoenix version soon. It’s in the works, whee! :))

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