Diablo III: RoS Opens New Season

Diablo III: RoS Season 5 is NOW LIVE!


Okay so I haven’t been able to play that much because I have a life outside of gaming and sometimes it gets in the way. So for those who are aware of this but still haven’t found the time to play, I FEEL YOU GUYS!


Anyway, a new Diablo season is upon us! For the hardcore guys, well, here are the PATCH NOTES for you to take a look at.

I’m not gonna delve into it that much because I haven’t studied up on it (boo me!) and so far my focus has been to get my new seasonal Demon Hunter to Level 70 and get her geared up, which I did over the weekend with the little time I had to play, HAHA. Now I just need to farm for new sets and gear!

For those who don’t like reading patch notes, here is a video on What’s New on Patch 2.4.0 🙂

New seasonal achievements, guys! New gear, new places to explore! Did I mention that I’m so excited?! I just want to leave my real life behind and play this game, LOL!

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