Diablo III: RoS Season 8 is LIVE!

And just like that, we’re back to the daily grinding on Diablo III: Reaper of Souls! It’s Season 8 everyone, which went live over the weekend, check out what new things you can get from this season! 🙂

To be honest I completely skipped Season 7 because the grinding was getting a little too tiring. But now that I’m a bit rejuvenated by taking a break, and I really have nothing to keep me occupied at the moment, I’ve decided to give Diablo III’s Season 8 a go.

For Season 8, here are some of the cosmetic items you can earn:


You get “wings” from one of Diablo II’s villains – The Maiden of Anguish, Andariel. Plus, you get a portrait by the Burning Hells, and of course, the chance to acquire pieces of the Conqueror Sets. Which I will probably not get, by any chance. I’m not that hardcore, LOL.

And of course, as you complete the Season’s Journey, you’ll be rewarded with Haedrig’s Gifts, armor sets for each of the classes:


  • Barbarian – Immortal King’s Call
  • Crusader – Seeker of the Light
  • Demon Hunter – Natalya’s Vengeance
  • Monk – Uliana’s Stratagem
  • Witch Doctor – Spirit of Arachyr
  • Wizard – Vyr’s Amazing Arcana

Again, I’ve re-rolled my previous seasonal character… And again, I’m still a Demon Hunter, haha! I can’t wait to get back into Rifts, my gahd, I just wish my internet would stop it with all the lag. D:


You can read up more on Blizzard Entertainment’s Season 8 Preview HERE!

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