Event Vlog & Coverage: Globe Telecom’s First Ever Pokémon Fest

It’s here! Check out our short event coverage and video blog of the happenings last October 28, 2016 when Globe Telecom launched their partnership with Niantic‘s Pokémon GO and The Pokémon Company!

I don’t have much in terms of photos because, yes, I have a video blog for this event! It wasn’t a hard decision and I felt it’s something people would love to see more on video than simply in photos! What was great about the event, despite the horribly hot and humid weather, was that it really was for Pokémon GO players and fans!




Globe totally made everything legit by bringing in the man himself, Mr. John Hanke of Niantic, the guys behind Pokémon GO, and a representative from The Pokémon Company as well. It was super fun and I got to hang out with old cosplay friends and new geek ones, too!

Check out our video below:

I don’t play Pokémon GO as often as I used to but I heard there really has been an increase in Pokéstops and spawning of Pokémon themselves, so yay!

So, what did you guys think of our #GlobePokémonGO Pokémon Fest event coverage? Hope you can click the thumbs-up, like button, and subscribe to the OMGluie YouTube Channel!

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