Figuarts Zero Chouette – Princess Serenity Price, Images Revealed

As if we’re not all keeling over about every single piece of Sailor Moon news that’s been coming out recently, LOL. But Premium Bandai has just opened pre-orders for the new Figuarts Zero Chouette – Princess Serenity figure.

Can I just sit down and cry? It’s so gorgeous! The figure is made out of PVC and will measure 140mm, including the beautiful, beautiful stand.



There are also more delicate features like the see-through ends of Serenity’s hair.



It’s also removable so you can do something creative with it to make it seem like Princess Serenity is just taking a casual sit on top of your desk. Not like my desk is that pretty (or that clean, LOL).




Apparently this line of figures will be more dreamy, delicate, and eye-catching compared to the others in Figuarts Zero Sailor Moon series.


Priced at ¥6480 (probably already including taxes), you can pre-order this gorgeous, gorgeous figure from Premium Bandai! I’m doing that right now! 🙂

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