Final Fantasy Kicks Off 30th Anniversary with New FFVII Key Art

Everyone is probably extremely stoked about the Final Fantasy VII Remake, I know I am, LOL. So it seems only fitting that one of the biggest game companies in the world has kicked off their 30th anniversary celebrations with a new piece of art from Final Fantasy VII! Check it OUT!!! 8D

The website to follow is The key art features Cloud Strife with his iconic weapon, the Buster Sword, against the backdrop of the Shinra Company, and the shadowy silhouette of his nemesis, Sephiroth.

Oooooohhh. Chillssssss. I’m so excited! I can’t even. I just. HAHA. My inner fangirl is just squealing inside. Can’t wait for more news! I wonder what the 30th year celebrations have in store for us! I hope my wallet is ready, LOL!

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