First Look: Bravely Second – The Ballad of the Three Cavaliers

I have not felt this way about a game since the first time I touched the Bravely Default demo a while back. And I seriously cannot just sit still, I really need to share this with you guys! Haha!

Let’s take a look at the Bravely Second: The Ballad of the Three Cavaliers demo!


The demo was made available at the Nintendo e-Shop last March 11, so, naturally, I downloaded it after work and proceeded to spend the rest of the night learning and re-learning the inner workings of the game.

The demo is supposed to be a prequel to the full Bravely Second: End Layer game. You’re introduced to the main protagonists so you can be familiar with their personalities quite early.

You take control of four characters: Yew Geneolgia, Janne Angard, Nikolai Nikolanikov, and my personal favorite, Magnolia Arch.


Pope Agnès (INORITE, WTF) has this inkling that there is something going on around the desert area of Harena, specifically in Al-Khampis, where Yew and Janne used to go to school. 🙂 If you remember the first demo, this is kind of the same area you start in. 🙂 Remember Ancheim? Ahh, wonderful memories, haha!


The good thing about the demo is everything is pretty much the same as the original game. The battle system is the same, you level up and earn Job Points the same way, even re-building a town via time spent in-game is something that you get to do (Magnolia asks for your help to rebuild her hometown on the Moon).



Tutorials are done via a series of quests you need to do in and out of town. This leads you to the places you need to explore to push on with the story. And well, there’s nothing like getting back into the Brave/Default groove than to just simply jump into it.

Eventually, you are re-introduced to a few familiar faces…




And some not so familiar ones, too. 🙂


There ARE a few new and exciting things that are introduced to you in the demo, which is really what I’m all excited about in here, haha!

First is that you start off with four jobs to choose from and two of them are new. You get to fight your first battles using the Wizard, Astrologian, Valkyrie, and Freelancer jobs.


Right off the bat, you’ll find yourself completely immersed in levelling up and figuring out which skills do what, something that I’m very fond of, haha!

Movement in the maps have also been revamped. The previous game was more streamlined and the maps weren’t as dynamic, now there are more secret places you can get to!



You can also now talk to Agnès in the Menu screen, so whenever you feel like you’re in a rut, you can pop in and ask her for some clues!



But I think the best part of the demo is what they added to the battle system. When before you only had your Brave, Default, and Bravely Second options, now, when you sweep or kill a set of enemies in one (1) turn, you have the option to actually fight another round of enemies.


This leads to an x Bonus for EXP and Job Points, which you’ll need if you want to be strong enough to face off with the bosses later on. 🙂

I haven’t completely finished the demo but I plan to complete it this week! One thing to take away from this is that it’s kind of meant for the people who have never played the first game and are only starting to get into the series through Bravely Second.



It’s a great way to get immersed into this kind of JRPG but of course, I would still recommend for people to play and finish the first game in order to truly appreciate the demo and the incoming game. 🙂

Overall, I’m having buckets of fun and it’s only making me more excited for the full game. UGH. Now, if I can only find a Collector’s Edition, gahd. :))

For updates and everything else, you can visit their WEBSITE. 🙂

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