First Look: Legend of Legacy Demo (Nintendo 3DS)

Launched just recently on September 22, 2015, Legend of Legacy released a short demo that provided a sneak peek of its protagonists, battle system, game play, and plot. Rumored to be the spiritual descendant of the SaGa series, it is a classic, run-of-the-mill J-RPG but a treat in the realm of Nintendo 3DS games, making it a game that I am definitely looking forward to.

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The demo starts off with a short introduction to the plot. Players are invited to explore a new island named Avalon, one that has sprouted up only in the past 10 years and gives a call to all adventurers to explore its every nook and cranny.
You are introduced to the main protagonists: Meurs (an elementalist seeking to unveil Avalon’s mystery regarding elementals), Bianca (a young girl with amnesia looking for clues regarding her past), Liber (a spirited and chivalrous treasure hunter), Garnet (a church templar assigned by her superiors to investigate the island), Owen (a mercenary hired by the church), Eloise (a seductive woman looking for the Fountain of Youth), and Filmia (an anthropomorphic frog with a mysterious past related to Avalon).

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Once you’ve chosen who you start your adventure with, you’re given a brief intro on that specific character’s story. I chose Garnet because she was the only one in the lot who looked the part of a female damage dealer, haha! Although later on I discovered that Bianca is a pretty formidable swordswoman herself. 🙂

You will be shipped off to Avalon to begin your explorations. Your most simple task is to uncover the secrets of the uncharted island by filling in empty maps which, in turn, you can sell off to the only town on the island, Initium” for St, the game’s currency. You are also introduced to the King of Adventurers, the man who was responsible for setting up Initium and caring for all adventurers that come to Avalon.

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Although you aren’t given that much liberty with the Legend of Legacy demo, you have the chance to try out each of the main characters. You can choose which weapons to equip and that will result in a different set of skill moves.

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There is no “leveling” system in the demo. You cannot see how much EXP you earn but the more often you use a certain skill, the higher the chance that you receive a stronger skill based on your equipped weapon. For example, Owen’s Block upgrades to a new skill call Ricochet, and so on for the other skills depending on what you use.

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The demo also introduces the idea of “Elementals,” spirits that flock the island of Avalon that play a crucial part in the battle system. Once you’ve discovered certain relics in the island, you can equip them and be given a special set of skills specific to the type of Elemental that you’ve forged a contract with.

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It’s all very interesting to go through and it gave me a good amount of nostalgia. But if this were anything like the Bravely Default demo that was released before the actual game, I would bet that there will still be a lot of changes in the story and game play. As with any JRPG, there is a bit of grinding involved to get your party up to par with boss fights but like any old JRPG gamer, there’s nothing about grinding in games that fazes me anymore, haha!

Anyway, Legend of Legacy boasts of famous names such as Tomomi Kobayashi as illustrator, Kyoji Koizumi as designer (of the SaGa series), writer Masato Kato (of Chrono Trigger & Chrono Cross), and music composer Masahi Hamauzu (of Final Fantasy XIII).

The game will be released in North America on October 13, 2015. I hope that it’ll be released in the Philippines the same time as well. 🙂

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