FPS Title Special Force Launches Closed Beta Testing Nov. 2016

One of the most popularly played first-person-shooting games in internet cafes and homes across the region, Special Force, is back in the Philippines with updates that closed beta testing will happen this month of November!

PlayPark Inc., in partnership with game publisher Dragonfly, announced that the game will go on Closed Beta Test (CBT) in Southeast Asia on November 24, 2016! This was revealed at an intimate press conference held at their office in Makati City. (Shout-out: Thank you to Vincent from DAGeeks.com for allowing me to trail along, LOL, I had fun!)



Though I am not much of a competitive FPS player, and to be quite honest, I’ve never heard of Special Force before, it’s interesting to follow how local publishers intend to compete with big international FPS games like Overwatch, CS:Go, and CoD. This is answered by Playpark Inc.’s executives who have big plans to market and promote Special Force in the country.

Special Force will hit the ground running. Troops better shape up for the Special Force Launch Party and the Pro-League Kick-Off which will be heading to locations all over the country.

PlayPark and SF ensure fans that there will be loads to look forward to, come 2017. SF Philippines Championship – Road to Special Force World Championship (SFWC) is slated to join PlayPark’s yearly summer tournament series – the All Stars. Never a dull moment in this battlefield, leagues will also be set all year round starting 2017 to keep both rookies and pros on their toes. (LOL that rhymes, haha!)

E-Sports in the Philippines is really kicking off, huh! What more with games this like these who intend to have competitions and tournaments for players not only within the country but in the South East Asia region as well. I’m more excited to see the growth of gaming in the Philippines, though, haha!

For more news, you can check out their official website and the Special Force Online FB page!

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