Globe And AcadArena Partner For Hapag Movement

As a way to give back to the community, local telecom provider Globe, alongside AcadArena, a campus gaming and esports education organization, have partnered together to support The Hapag Movement, a fundraising initiative that aims to support vulnerable families and communities.

Together, both Globe and AcadArena are looking to work with the gaming community to help fellow Filipinos in need.

What Is The Hapag Movement?

AcadArena Globe Hapag Movement

Introduced during a recent event, The Hapag Movement is part of Globe’s Globe of Good program, under its specific movement called Gaming for Good. This initiative focuses on hunger alleviation, capacity-building, and providing livelihood opportunities for long-term results.

Globe will be using its platforms such as GCash and Globe Rewards so that its customers can donate to the movement. In this way, Globe is able to utilize technology as a way to do good for the country’s citizens.

“At Globe, we create ways and form partnerships that enable our customers to participate in social development. We hope to create more impact to help address hunger in the Philippines through The Hapag Movement program.” said Yoly Crisanto, Globe Chief Sustainability and Corporate Communications Officer.

Tapping AcadArena Gaming Community

AcadArena x Globe

In partnering with AcadArena, Globe is looking to tap the gaming community to support The Hapag Movement. Given that AcadArena has a long-standing relationship with Globe, it is not surprising that the organization was the first to show its support for the movement.

“The world is bigger and there’s so much we can do together in gaming and esports. You just need to meet the right people to change the world,” said Ariane Lim, Co-CEO of AcadArena.

“Like Globe, we, too, advocate that gaming is not just play, but a way to help build a better future. We believe in developing gamers to be exemplary people of our society, so we are happy to be part of Globe’s purpose to create a Globe of Good,” she said.

If you want to know more about Globe and AcadArena’s partnership or about The Hapag Movement, you can check out their official website. 🙂

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