Globe Brings to Manila VAINGLORY8: SEA Spring Championships

The esports industry is definitely on the rise in the Philippines and Globe Telecom is not one to lag behind. This is why they have partnered with eGG Network and Super Evil Megacorp (oh, this is so fun to say, LOLOLOL) to bring the VAINGLORY8: SEA Spring Championships to Manila!

Teams from Indonesia (ELITE 8), Singapore (IMPUNITY), and Vietnam (EANIX) have flown into Manila to test their mobile gaming mettle! I was generously invited by Globe to an exclusive press con where we got to meet the competing teams and the gamer-minds behind bringing the event here!

Now you guys know I’m not one for e-sports, especially MOBA or FPS games, because I’m a competitive noob but I’m just thrilled at the concept of how gaming is growing in the Philippines! So I was really honored to have been part of this.

The small press con was hosted by one of eGG Network’s talents, Danelie Purdue, who is more known as a DotA 2 shoutcaster, and held at the Globe Iconic Store (where the championships will be hosted also!). We were able to chat a bit with the teams and peeps from eGG Network & Super Evil Megacorp, the company who created the game.

“The Southeast Asia community holds a special significance to us as they are one of the most passionate communities that we have seen,” said Akane Yoshizake, Marketing & Communications Manager of Super Evil Megacorp. Yoshizake adds that “we are thrilled to hold the first ever offline championship in Manila with our partners eGG Network and Globe.”

“The collaboration among Globe Telecom, Super Evil Megacorp and eGG Network has opened a lot of opportunities for us to expand our reach and create a better gaming experience for our customers. Hosting the Vainglory 8 Southeast Asia championship is just the beginning and we are confident that this partnership will bring more eSports events for more Filipinos,” said Jake San Diego, Globe Head of Games Content.

The Head of Content Acquisition, Mr. Edward Ng further emphasized the network commitment to the development of eSports in the region by saying: “The broadcasting of Vainglory8 Southeast Asia Spring Championship is just the start of our ongoing efforts to develop eSports in the region as we not only acquire content but also get our hands on with the production side of things so as to localize each tournament to cater to our viewers likings.”

The championship battles will be held throughout today and tomorrow (May 13-14, 2017) so be sure to catch them at eGG Network’s channels and via downloading Globe Telecom’s Tribe App starting 2PM!

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