Globe Gamer Grounds Platform Puts Emphasis On Responsible Gaming

As a gamer who grew up in a fairly conservative background, gaming was highly frowned upon, especially since my parents often related the activity to “laziness” and “being irresponsible.” Recognizing the relevance of gaming today, Globe Gamer Grounds puts the spotlight on “responsible” gaming and its upsides for the community.

What Is Globe Gamer Grounds?

globe gamer grounds awareness

Globe Gamer Grounds is Globe Telecom’s all-in-one esports and gaming platform that aims to make the activity easy and convenient for every kind of gamer. The platform was developed in collaboration with Telekim Malaysia and Swarmio Media, whose products and tools have laser-focused on making gaming enjoyable yet sustainable.

The telco is also bringing together its many partners across different entertainment categories so that gamers and enthusiasts can find it all in one place.

“We approach games and esports from a holistic standpoint, engaging the Globe gamer from the time they play casually to when they move to something more competitive,” said Rina Siongco, Head of the Get Entertained Tribe at Globe. “While most campaigns focus on the hyper-competitive side of esports, Globe chooses to educate and advocate for the positives and benefits that gaming actually brings.”

“Game, Well Played” Responsible Gaming

Globe Telecom 'good gaming' esports platform promotes responsible, inclusive gaming

Globe’s latest campaign, titled ‘Game Well-Played,’ aims to flex the good in gaming, ignite understanding, and draw support for the gaming industry across the Philippines. This campaign is part and parcel of the telco’s push for responsible gaming, in alignment to its commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

“It goes beyond just competitions and includes education, community support, and other initiatives. We also align with other partners for adaptive campaigns like Pride Month, Womens’ Month, and other relevant causes,” Siongco added.

To know more about Globe Gamer Grounds and what it offers to fellow gamers out there, be sure to visit the platform’s official site! 🙂

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