Going Fancy with Converse x Missoni 2015 Fall-Holiday Collection

Wow, I can’t believe that Christmas has come and gone already! How were your Christmas celebrations guys? Fun? Fattening? I think I was half-tipsy half the time. LOL.

Anyway, the holidays are the perfect time to splurge I think and it’s great timing too because Converse has recently released a fancy collab with Italian brand, Missoni, for their 2015 Fall – Holiday Collection that really caught my eye.

I distinctly remember the first pair of Chucks I asked for from my parents. I was in college and Chuck Taylors were so in and all the rage back then.  Naturally I wanted a pair for myself. (What, I’m still a girl, okay, I like having things that are trendy, LOL.)

They were high-cut, had rainbows painted (silk-screened??) on them, and had super bright thick rainbow laces. And they were everything, EVERYTHING, to me. I wore them out so bad until the laces were faded and the soles were so scruffed they didn’t grip the floors well anymore. Whoops. :))

I haven’t wanted another pair of Chucks since that time. But now, man, life has a way of blasting you back to the past. It doesn’t help that Missoni is a high fashion brand and I’m just going gaga for their designs!

Since 2010, Converse and Missoni have been working together to bring Missoni’s signature style – bright stripes, zigzag lines, and slubs onto your favorite footwear. This season, the collection is vibrant, colorful and exciting due to the authentic Technique of Space Dye which consists of piece of yarn being dyed using a combination of colors, that, when weaved together create a unique, multi-colored effect.

Here are the designs:

Chuck Taylor All Star Missoni Canvas StripesChuck Taylor All Star Missoni in Canvas Stripes

Chuck Taylor All Star Missoni in Canvas Stripes.Available in unisex sizing, this iconic Missoni in canvas- stripes comes in high-cut and low-cut style.

Suggested retail price: Php 3,510

Sizing: 3-6 Unisex

Chuck Taylor All Star Missoni TextileChuck Taylor All Star Missoni in Lurex

Chuck Taylor All Star Missoni in Lurex.Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Missoni high-cut and low-cut in textile material.

Suggested retail price: Php 3,510

Sizing: 3-6 Unisex

Chuck Taylor All Star FancyChuck Taylor All Star FancyAvailable exclusively for women, the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Fancy features a more feminine silhouette, but, maintains the classic Chuck Taylor design. T his sneaker in the Fancy silhouette features a photo-real print.

Suggested retail price: Php 3,510

Sizing: 3-6 Women’s

UGH. I guess I know where all my Christmas money’s gonna go to. LOL. Interested? You can check out their Facebook Page or see the collection for yourself HERE. 🙂

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