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Hades Video Game Review

I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of saying sorry that it took me a while since my last game review. TBH, I went through some personal stuff from May – June 2021 and well, I’ve started a new job this July. So, I am honestly gonna try my hardest to go back to the swing of things (YET AGAIN LOL).

While I was on break, I finally took the Hades video game out for a spin. And I am really disappointed in myself for holding out too long, and not starting this game any sooner. TLDR. I LOVED. EVERY. MINUTE.

Hades (Video Game) – Story

Hades Video Game Review - Story

As a big fan of ancient Greek mythology, Hades’s story really just tickles my fancy. I have a soft spot for anything Hades x Persephone too! I actually read a regular webcomic based on this particular story called Lore Olympus (BTW check it out, it’s so good HAHA).

Anyway, the game starts off without telling you much. You take on the role of Zagreus, son of Hades and Prince of the Underworld, who is determined to escape the depths of hell to reach the surface.

Hades Video Game Review Zagreus

That’s the main gist. You’re probably wondering where the other Greek gods figure into the story. Well, to make it to the top, you need help going upward through different levels of the underworld. And the Greek gods, or Zagreus’s family, gift you with Boons that give you special powers or stat-ups along the way.

As you go along, further and further up to reach the surface, more of the story gets revealed, and you’ll be able to discover the main reason Zagreus is headed towards the mortal realm.

Hades Gameplay

Hades Video Game Review Boon

If there’s one thing I’m quite thankful for about my two years as a video game guide writer is that it exposed me to a lot of different game genres. Roguelikes (or roguelites??) are some that have colored me surprised.

Hades is a roguelike, hack-and-slash, dungeon crawler. You basically run through a set of rooms and defeat the enemies inside them to unlock the next one. After a certain number of rooms, you can ascend to the next level after a boss fight. And this goes on until you reach the surface.

To be frank, I wasn’t expecting much from Hades in terms of gameplay experience. I didn’t know how the story was gonna be told given the premise of gameplay that will have you dying over and over again.

But you know, I was completely wrong! Hades provides you with a lot of incentive to keep playing and going for more runs – the more you play, the more the story is revealed to the player. The more levels you ascend, the difficulty gets higher, you encounter new bosses, and you also have more chances to get new Boons that can essentially make you OP-ed.

Hades Video Game Review Weapons

The gameplay is always action-packed, and I like that it gives you both melee and ranged weapons to choose from. You can power up these weapons in a set number of ways, so your playstyle can vary in each run. Boon choices will also change depending on the weapon and build that you choose!

It’s very fun, kinda mindless on the surface level, but it makes you think about how you want to go through every run, and which Boons you should pick to fit your preferred playstyle. Endgame is also pretty intense because you can “turn up the Heat” and add challenges to every run, making it harder for you to defeat enemies to reach the surface!

Hades – Visual Graphics & Audio

Hades Video Game Review Aphrodite

The visuals of Hades are to-die-for. What is not to like! The characters are drawn in a very stylized but likeable way that it can easily pass off as a graphic novel. Which, by the way, I would totally purchase if they decide to publish one!

It’s just total eye candy everywhere, no matter what your sexuality is! Zagreus provides that boyish charm, Thanatos is the hot daddy of death, Ares looks like he’ll enjoy tying you up. Nyx is definitely a MILF, Athena is that strict hot aunt, and of course, Aphrodite is that sexy bamf who looks like she’ll swing any way, HAHAHAHA.

Hades Video Game Review Achilles

The voice acting is also superb! Sometimes I just sit there and click on the characters to listen to their voices. Though I am quite disappointed that the other Greek gods don’t play a bigger part in the story and the gameplay, I am comforted by the fact that they look and sound really amazing, LOL!

Though I’m not much of an audio aficionado, I can say that I really appreciate the BGM of the game. As you run through the different rooms and levels, you’re really more focused on surviving than listening to the background music, to be honest, HAHA. But when I do notice, I realize that the tunes are quite energetic and fit really well with most of the scenery. 🙂

Hades – Experience & Impressions

Hades Video Game Review Impressions

Gosh. For an indie game, I am really, very impressed. Hades gave me everything I wanted when I actually had the time to sit down and game.

The story isn’t long. I was able to reach the ending credit rolls in around a month, and I wasn’t even spending all day on it. The plot was very engaging, and the main reason I stayed up at night playing was because I needed to finish ONE.MORE.RUN.

I fell in love with most of the characters, especially Thanny daddy, and I truly enjoyed figuring out the best Boons and weapons to complete my every run through the Underworld.

If you’re into roguelike dungeon crawlers, and have a penchant for Greek mythology, purchasing this game will never be a regret. It’s hella fun, and you can play it super casually or extremely hardcore, making it a great game to boot up at any time. 🙂

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