OMGluie Hair Dye Review: Ion Color Brilliance in Rose

It’s been a few weeks since I pre-lightened my hair with the L’oreal Majirel High Lift in Neutral, and now I’m here to give you my thoughts and impressions on the Ion Color Brilliance in Rose! Let’s get to it. 🙂

Ion Color Brilliance in Rose – Price & Availability

ion color brilliance chart

Let me first begin this post by telling you that I did not get this hair dye in the Philippines. I asked my sister to buy the tubes for me in the US, at Sally Beauty, for around $8.99 USD each. That’s roughly Php 450, if you’re curious. I’m not sure if any retailers sell this brand in the PH. 🙁

Also I think they might have re-formulated this shade in the Ion Color Brilliance Brights line, so check them out on Sally Beauty to see the updated color. 🙂

ion color brilliance website

Out of the tube, as with any Ion Color Brilliance dye, the product is very thick and hard to mix. I read online that mixing the dye with water, instead of white conditioner, will help in its spreadability. So I did just that, HAHAHA.

It also smells the same as the Titanium shade that I used to apply on my hair, a bit chemical-y but not too strong. The scent does last a few days on your hair, so if you’re sensitive to smells, maybe stay away from this hair dye line. 🙂

Rose Ion Color Brilliance – Before & After

Review Loreal Majirel High Lift After

In my previous hair dye post, I pre-lightened my hair into the above light brown. The Ion Color Brilliance in Rose is actually a very old dye, stuck in my closet for years because I stopped coloring my hair for awhile.

I didn’t know what my hair color would turn out to be, so this was more of an experiment, and making good use of a product I had lying around, HAHAHAHA. XD

Anyway, here are the after photos!

TA-DA! As you can see, my hair turned into a nice darker shade of reddish IDK-what. HAHAHAHA. To be honest, I wasn’t really expecting the hair color to show up so well, considering I DID NOT BLEACH MY HAIR! <3

The dye was still hard to spread, and it does stain, as you can see by my reddened scalp above. But the color is really gorgeous, if you’re going after a more natural looking red with somewhat pinky-peach shades. 🙂

ion color brilliance rose on dark hair

Under sunlight, you can see the reddish shade a bit more. It’s really different from my previous light brown hair color, so I’m glad that the dye was not a waste! 🙂

Thoughts & Impressions

ion color brilliance rose

Two weeks later! And here we are! Yes, I got a haircut but the color is still there. This is roughly washed around 7-10 times, coz you know, we live in the Philippines. It’s hot and I need to shower. HAHAHA. XD Though not as brilliant as its first application, Ion Color Brilliance really does amaze me with the longevity of the color on my hair.

ion color brilliance in rose

See! It still looks so gewd. :3 Ugh. Honestly, if this dye line was readily available in the country, I would never stray away. HAHA! I am giving this product a huge thumbs-up simply because it’s affordable, lasts long on my hair (without bleach) even if it’s a semi-permanent color, and is actually vibrant on light brown/dark blonde hair (again, WITHOUT BLEACH)!

Really, what more can I ask for? Huhu, haha! Anyway, I bought a bunch of products from Colourette Cosmetics, so let’s get to that next time! <3

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