Happy Easter from Square Enix

From March 11 –  20, 2016, you can get a bundle of five (5) Square Enix games for only $9.99! So totally tempted right now!


The clincher here is that you won’t know what you’ll get ’til they e-mail you the games. Oh, but the possibilities! Also, you’ll be getting these games on Steam, in your inventory, so you can gift them to your friends!

I’m really tempted right now because I’m itching to play a whole new game. The idea of a surprise box is kinda intriguing. :))

The offer is valid from 3/11/2016 12:00 am PST ~ 3/20/2016 11: 59 PM PST and the code will be distributed on Monday 03/21/2016.

You can check it out or order the surprise box at their WEBSITE. 🙂

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