Harvest Moon: Skytree Village E3 2016 Gameplay Trailer

It seems to me that Harvest Moon (Natsume) and Story of Seasons (XSEED Games) are going head to head by both announcing release dates and gameplay trailers last E3 2016. Not that I’m complaining but the new Harvest Moon: Skytree Village gameplay video is kind of worth taking a look at.

I previously mentioned that I’m not fond of the newer Harvest Moon games, given that they made it kind of a spin-off of Minecraft (and sorry, I’m really not a fan, HAHA) and the character art really leaves much to be desired. I mean, really, the main reason I play Harvest Moon and Story of Seasons is for the bachelors/bachelorettes, HAHA. … REALLY!

Anyway, you can view the E3 2016 gameplay video below:

It seems they’ve elongated their characters and the design looks much, much better, in my opinion. Now you see why I’m a little more interested in this game? Art means everything to me, haha!

But purchasing this still remains to be seen. LOL. I’m looking forward to actual character art and designs. I hope they come out with those in detail soon. I feel like that’ll seal the deal for me. :))

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