I Can’t Stop Playing Diablo III!

In my old blog, I would often ask people to forgive me for not updating because I was too busy with work or real life. Right now I’m not sorry at all, LOL, because I’ve been spending every spare moment, even putting aside a brand new Legend of Legacy that I haven’t touched since I bought it, just to play Diablo III.

Now when I first played this game I didn’t expect this kind of reaction from myself. I thought I’d be done and over with it once the story was over. That was a few weeks ago. The hell. Haha!

And this is why I need to tell you guys the top reasons why I am totally hooked and cannot stop playing!

1. Paragon Leveling

Paragon Level 1

One thing that’s interesting about Diablo III is Paragon Leveling. The concept here is, literally, to get OP-ed. Paragon levels are, er, levels that go beyond reaching the top limit of 70 after the Reaper of Souls Expansion. You level up by doing extra quests called Bounties after the story or go through Nephalem/Great Rifts, which I’ll talk about later.

I’ve got a friend whose characters are already at Paragon Level 500+ ! Can you imagine the amount of time he’s spent playing this game? Gahd. Haha!

Paragon Level

But it’s not really just simply leveling your toon up, Paragon Levels give you Paragon Points which give you an extra percentage on different statistics depending on your character. For example, my Demon Hunter can get more Dex, Crit Chance, or Crit Damage if I use my points to up those stats.

2. Nephalem Rifts & Greater Rifts

Nephalem Greater Rift

Once you end the game, you’re introduced to Nephalem Rifts and Greater Rifts. These are separate dimensions you can open up in-game in order to TEST YOUR MIGHT (MORTAL KOMBAT!! Wahaha, sorry, had to put this in here. LOL.).

Nephalem Rift

Both have the objective of killing what they call a Rift Guardian, kind of like the boss of the stage. But in order to summon a Rift Guardian, you must “kill the Rift Guardian minions” which means you have to slaughter everything in sight, basically. Whee!

Nephalem Rifts and Greater Rifts have different mechanics though. Nephalem Rifts are what they call “normal” rifts that just need you to kill things in order to summon the Rift Guardian, this also has a fixed difficulty depending on your settings in-game.


However, you need a Greater Rift Keystone that the Nephalem Rift Guardian drops in order to enter a Greater Rift. Greater Rifts have flexible difficulty settings which you can play around with when you open a Greater Rift portal. Another important factor is that Greater Rifts are time-bound, so the faster you massacre things, the faster you summon the Rift Guardian, the faster you finish the stage.

Cow Rift Guardian

Killing the Greater Rift Guardians in time also drop Legendary Gems and summons Urshi who levels up these gems for you. These are used in your socketed accessories (rings & amulets) to provide even greater power. 🙂

3. Collect All the Things! Legendary and Set Items!

Probably one of the things that drives me crazy the most about Diablo III is the collection of Legendary and Set Items. Once you’re done and over with the story, you’re kind of left wanting. Being introduced to Paragon Levels and Rifts is nice and all but it’s the building of my dream set that really gets me going.

Legendary Items

Going through Rifts and Bounties are not without their perks. Killing elite packs and boss monsters have the chance to drop Legendary or Set items. And of course, the higher the difficulty, the higher the chance of these items dropping.

Set Items

And I’ve slowly become obsessed with finding these items and creating my perfect set. For those who need a little help, I’ve been following a guide on builds and equipment sets that my boyfriend linked to me. 🙂

4. Quirky, Fun Stages – Bounties, Keywardens, Cow Levels, Goblins etc.

Diablo III has a lot to offer in terms of stages. Sometimes I can’t even choose what to do when I start up the game.


Besides Paragon Leveling and Rifts, you can also opt to do Bounties that allow you to pass by the previous Acts in a different way. You get to go through the maps again, hunting for enemies and completing objectives. Completing Bounties awards you with Caches that hold special items which you can use in your Kanai Cube for specific purposes such as reforging items or extracting legendary powers.

Kanai Cube

When you go through Bounties, there is a chance you’ll encounter Keywardens. These elite monsters can drop Infernal Machines that you can use to open portals in New Tristram. The portals lead you to different bosses that you need to defeat for items needed in crafting Hellfire Amulets, which are sometimes important for your builds. 🙂

Cow Level

Rift stages are also random. Once in a while you’ll encounter Treasure Goblins of all sorts. And if you’re lucky enough, you get to open a portal to The Vault which leads you to riches and glory.

Teddy Bear Level

I’ve also been to some quirky maps that had all cows and all Teddy Bears as mobs. It was fun, haha!

5. Playing with Friends


I think the best thing about end-game content for Diablo III is the playing with friends. Although I’ve been solo-ing most of the time, I always look out for my friends and boyfriend who might be online so we can do a couple of Rifts or Bounties together.

It’s really fun and a lot of humorous things can happen.

All in all, finishing the Diablo III story opens up so many doors! The content really comes together into one joint goal – to get as powerful as you can so you can defeat more powerful enemies. And it can really get you addicted, this quest for power, LOL. I can attest to that. :))

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