Idle Survivors: Last Stand Sets New Norm for Apocalypse-Themed Gaming with Lighthearted Fun and Alien Invasion Adventure

Introducing the world’s first idle mobile game takes players on missions to liberate Earth from the clutches of alien forces.

SINGAPORE, Sept. 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Since its global launch, Idle Survivors: Last Standa relaxing and funny idle RPG published by MAX GAME PTE. LTD., set in a world devastated by an alien-planned plague to conquer Earth, has been featured in the Google Play and App Store in over 130 regions. 

Players embark on thrilling battles as commanders in a world where they can train heroes, unlock vehicles, and team up with allies to slay and repel the alien invaders from Earth.

The game has already amassed a huge fanbase and garnered rave reviews. Hippo, a player of the game since the open beta testing, commented, “a fantastic combo between idle RPG and fun team builder”. 

“It is a much more balanced gameplay vehicle compared to other games that rely heavily on pay-to-win. I would give it a 10/10 recommendation for it’s an easy daily time killer,” he said.

Developers have crafted a joyful and relaxing gaming experience by incorporating adorable characters, cute artworks, an engaging storyline, and action-packed gameplay centred around alien invasion, breaking away from the somber visuals and dark themes typically associated with doomsday-themed games.

The gaming system allows players to focus on building their teams by strategically selecting heroes from five district fractions and six jobs that specialize in different skills and weapons. 

Players can improve their characters’ abilities during battles using a versatile vehicle system that offers five levels for players to upgrade and explore. The game’s side quests include mini-games, dungeon hunting, and trials to level up characters, accompanied by a vast selection of Mecha skins in the warehouse for an unparalleled gaming experience.

To help new players swiftly progress through beginner levels, multiple giveaways are available, including the coveted “1200 Draw Gift Box” awarded upon completing the beginner tutorial. Daily Talents Summon Tickets and the chance to claim S and SS-class heroes await the journey during the first 7-day login.

In addition, new players who complete the tutorial receive an exclusive Interstellar Visitor avatar frame and can unlock essential items for alien slaying by entering the code “SLAYALIENS,” including Talents Summon Tickets, Diamonds, and Banknotes.

Idle Survivors is available to download on  and  now.