Introducing Tribe, The Newest Streaming Service in the PH

I do most of my blogging, internet browsing and streaming on a desktop computer. Fenrir is my baby, okay, HAHA. But lately, I’ve discovered the wonders of mobile streaming apps. I’ve tried a bunch of them and it’s really become battle of who can provide the best content! And now, there’s a new kid on the block! Introducing Tribe – the newest streaming service in the Philippines!

The reason I’ve recently gotten into mobile streaming apps is for when I want to shut off my brain right before going to bed. I usually lounge around, get nice and cozy under my blanket and pillows, and turn on a mobile streaming app just to watch a couple of episodes. I know others would think this sort of activity would stimulate your brain even more and keep you wide awake but it works the exact opposite for me, haha!

Anyway, Tribe, in partnership with country mobile provider Globe Telecom, offers live and on-demand content exclusive to the region from popular genres such as Korean entertainment, anime, e-Sports, Asian thrillers, and fight sports.

I took a look at their portfolio of anime and it seems like a good list of highly-rated series! Which is good because it means they’re not outdated! They have Bungou Stray Dogs and Psycho Pass, and a bunch of other titles that I’ve been wanting to catch but haven’t really had the time to do so. I’m just not sure on how often they update or release episodes, though. That’s still something I need to check! 🙂

Another feature that I find really interesting about Tribe is their “LIVE” component! They offer a bunch of different channels (mostly Korean ones, for you K-Pop fans out there, HAHA) but they also have ANIPLUS and a 24/7 e-sports channel!

Now I know I’m not much of an e-sports fun but it’s great to know there’s an avenue for people of the gaming kind!

“More than increasing Tribe’s subscription base, we want to unite fans by providing avenues for interactions. In the coming months, Filipino millennials can definitely expect more engaging activities that help them find their respective tribes,” according to Ryza Dipatuan, Head of Marketing of Tribe Philippines.

You can download the app via Google Play and Apple Store with a 30-day free trial. Users can continue to stream shows after the free trial for a subscription fee of just P69 a month or P30 a week.

For more information on Tribe, visit them on their website, join them on their Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, and #FindYourTribePH! 🙂

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