Johnnie Walker Launches #KeepWalkingPH 21 Day Challenge

I know it’s the start of a brand new year when event invites start flying into my e-mail left and right, LOL. One of the first that I was so happy to attend was the celebration of the launch of Johnnie Walker Philippines’ #KeepWalkingPH 21 Day Challenge. Read on to know more about what happened.

Admittedly I’m not much of whiskey drinker but I can’t deny the fact that Johnnie Walker is an industry institution. So it was a great honor to be part of this event.

The Johnnie Walker #KeepWalkingPH 21 Day Challenge is a new initiative that falls under their Keep Walking campaign and encourages Filipinos to overcome their own self-doubt and to kick start their journey into fulfilling their ambitions.

The challenge? You need to declare, publicly!!, your goals through 21 social media posts! #GOALS. LOL.

When our abilities are questioned, we lose confidence in ourselves. Self-doubt is the universal barrier to progress that we all have to face on a daily basis,” shares Diageo Philippines General Manager Vanee Gosiengfiao.

“The Johnnie Walker brand has always encouraged people to keep walking towards personal progress and continues to do so through the #KeepWalkingPH 21 Day Challenge, a simple yet meaningful act that helps us form a habit that encourages self-belief.

It was an interesting night and I saw quite a few of my media friends and former colleagues. I was a little drunk on nostalgia and I only had a little bit to drink, LOL. Overall, I found everything so inspiring. I mean, who doesn’t want to go after their dreams and ambitions, right? 🙂

So, given it’s a new year and there are new goals to pursue, are you willing to take on the #KeepWalkingPH 21 Day Challenge? I might not be able to post for all 21 days, but I did already post my first one, HAHA!

For more information, visit Johnnie Walker’s official Facebook page.

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