Keds Taylor Swift Champion Sneaky Cat

My fashion taste is very simple. Whenever I go shopping for clothes, shoes, or accessories, I prefer to focus on comfort overall. This is why I love Keds so much. I’ve been wearing them since my university days and I’ve always made it a point to keep a pair (or two!) in my shoe collection. 🙂

My mother recently brought home a pair of Keds for me from the US for my birthday and I think the pair she chose captures my personality so perfectly! Though a bit outdated, it’s been a while since the Keds Taylor Swift Champion Sneaky Cat were released, I’m no doubt super in love with my new duds, hehe!

Most of my clothes are very monochromatic. Black, white, grey, a little bit of dark blue, violet/purple, and red is all the color you’ll ever find in my closet. The same goes for the shoes that I wear. I wear boots about 75% of the time but when I’m not donning leather Docs or when I want to give my toes a break, I always wear uber-comfy sneakers from Keds or Vans. 🙂

Perfect timing from my Mom too because I recently wore out a favorite pair of white Keds. So she probably figured that it’s time for me to get some new ones! Yay!

2015-10-24 08.42.17

The reason I think that this pair of Keds is perfect for me is because of the cute little grey cat that peeks out from the outer side of the shoe. I have a cute grey kitty named Lulu and she looks so much like the cat on my shoes!

2015-10-24 23.24.04

Haha, I apologize for the crappy photo but LOL, when I went to visit Lulu she immediately took a liking to my new Keds. Hm, I think it must be the States-side smell most pasalubongs are known for. I had to snap a photo the moment she did this with my shoes, though, it was too adorable not to!

I will always have Keds in my shoe closet. That’s a fact. They are comfy (albeit a bit pricey for sneakers, but ohwell!) and they’ve got a bunch of nice designs both for men and women! What about you? What are your favorite brands of shoes? Do you prefer style or comfort? Maybe both? 🙂

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