OMGluie Game Review: Diablo III Starter Edition

Please forgive me for saying this but I’ve never played a Diablo game in my life. Er, I came from a very strict familial background which limited the genres of games that I was allowed to get my hands on.

Now that I’m older, though, I can make conscious choices on what types of games I play and a lot of my friends have been egging me to get Diablo III after I expressed a little interest in it. Anyway, I decided to give it a try and I downloaded the Diablo III Starter Edition through Battlenet. My conclusion? It’s the perfect introduction to those like me who have never touched a title in the series and those who are still a bit unsure about purchasing the full game. Hehe!


I personally chose the Demon Hunter. Pew Pew just to play it safe. LOL.

The plot of the game is very simple. You choose a character that you feel best suits your battle preferences. Your choices are: Barbarian, Crusader (which was added in the expansion – Reaper of Souls), Demon Hunter, Monk, Witch Doctor, and Wizard.

Your character is dropped off into the town of Tristram wherein you are tasked to investigate a Fallen Star that has awakened all the dead and evil spirits in the area. Along the way you will meet followers who will aid you in battle, gain experience from defeating monsters and the undead, and gather loot from said mobs.


Tristram – it’s a quiet village, every day, like the one before~~ … NOT!


A map of the areas you can teleport to using the Waypoints, easiest way to travel!


As with every other game, when you level up, you receive new skills. This is the skill page for the Demon Hunter build. 🙂


The inventory opens when you press “I” on the keyboard. You can only carry a limited number of items so make sure you keep the important ones!

The game play is as simple as the plot. You basically just click wherever you want to go. Attacking is also done by clicking and your attacks only differ when you use the left or right mouse buttons. Some hot-keys such as the number bar and a few letters on the keyboard are used to open menus, use pots, or activate your character’s chosen skills.

You’re also kind of given unlimited pots. Although the number of health globes that drop from killing enemies kind of negates the purpose of having potions. But I really shouldn’t complain, it never hurts to be careful, haha!


The skirmishes in-game are different from what I’m used to. They’re mostly reaction-based and you can interact with the environment which mostly helps you defeat the mobs inside dungeons.


Once in a while you encounter bosses that are noticeably different from the mobs. They usually have titles like they’re someone important. I think I deserve one of my own, something like – Amriel, Smasher of Jars. LOL.


The Starter Edition ends with the quest, The Mad King. Sadly you can play this in an hour or less so it sorta leaves you hanging. D:

I’ve never had any experience with dungeon-crawlers so this game is very new and interesting for me. In terms of graphics and design, I’m amazed at the details they put in everything! I’m just a little sad that you can’t zoom in or change your camera view because then, you’d see all the pretty little things up close and personal. D:

I am also questioning the replayability of this game because you can only crawl through so many dungeons in one sitting and what’s gonna happen once you reach the end of the game??? BUT (let me finish) the thing I am looking forward to the most is the adventuring with friends. I figure that’s what will make all the jar-smashing and dead body searching worthwhile. LOL.

Anyway, I’d recommend getting the Starter Edition if you’re not quite sure yet. After finishing the few quests, it’s either you’re just not interested in it AT ALL or it will compel you to purchase the game. And, well, I’m sorta leaning on the latter. HAHAHA!

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