LET’S PLAY: Final Fantasy Explorers (3DS)

One of the games that I’ve been looking forward to the most this year was Final Fantasy Explorers. Mainly because it’s another Final Fantasy game on a handheld and well, who isn’t a fan of the series? Anyway, here’s my short take on the game. 🙂

The game starts you start off with the options of customizing your character in terms of gender, hair style & color, face type, and tone of voice.



Then, there’s a short prologue on why you’re suddenly dropped off onto Amostra, an island filled with mysterious monsters and stronger monsters called Eidolons.


Off the bat, you’re faced with… dun dun DUN DUN…



Bahamut! LOL. Talk about an intense start!

Then you’re pointed towards the small town of Libertas which basically teaches you everything you’ll ever need to start off the game as an Explorer.



The battle system is complicated at first. But you’re given enough time to get used to it. The main idea of the battle system is using skills to defeat your opponents.


Using your skills builds Resonance which, with a high enough number, lets you unlock a Crystal Surge. The Crystal Surge gives your skills special affinities (Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, Dark, Light) and traits (Superarmor, Megadrain, etc.) that allows them to mutate.


Over time, you can purchase these special affinities/traits that your skills have imbibed from the Central Crystal. 🙂




There’s also the Trance aspect of the battle system wherein the Explorer can transform into famous FF characters such as Cloud, Tifa, Lightning, and Cecil.

So, what exactly are you supposed to do in the island? Part of it is taking up quests such as delivering materials or taking care of Eidolons.





You also get to collect materials and build your own armor depending on your job/class.

And, of course, you eventually get to choose over a dozen other jobs/classes such as Knight, Monk, White Mage, Black Mage, Ranger, etc.


There’s also a Multiplayer aspect of the game, one which I haven’t gotten to because, well, I haven’t played the game long enough or far enough to get to that part. Although I heard that there is some issue with the servers which causes most players to lag when trying to connect to each other.

So here’s my opinion on the game. I think I took the Final Fantasy hype too seriously.  It was all uphill from the moment I pre-ordered the Collector’s Edition until the minute I opened the game box. Everything kind of went downhill from there. But the CE unboxing is another story to tell in the future, haha!


The game isn’t bad per se, okay, but maybe I just expected too much from it. But who wouldn’t? I guess I’m not as jaded as other Squenix fans. I mean, Bravely Default was a masterpiece, in my opinion so I thought maybe it’s the same thing with FF Explorers. But was I wrong!


There’s a lot of repetition and grinding, which isn’t anything new with any Final Fantasy game or JRPG, for that matter. But that’s just it. There’s nothing new.

The only real draw in here is your fandom for Final Fantasy. The nostalgia of having familiar characters, familiar moves, familiar jobs and classes, familiar icons such as your Chocobos and Moogles. LOL.



But anyway, if you’re a diehard FF fan (which I thought I was, I’m starting to doubt myself here, haha!), it might be something curious to try. Although I suggest reading a bunch of reviews and watching a lot of gameplay videos so you can get a good grasp of what you’re spending your money on. 🙂

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