LET’S PLAY: Sailor Moon Drops (Mobile)

A few weeks, there was an announcement that the Japanese mobile game, Sailor Moon Drops, would finally be available for Android and the iOS in ENGLISH! So, yes, I finally downloaded the app and have been loads of fun (and frustrations, LOL).

The game is very simple. Think Candy Crush but instead of just helping save the kingdom, you’re going to fight crime around the Juuban District in Tokyo with the help of the Sailor Senshi.


The plot is pretty simple because at first you have to unlock your fellow Guardians of Love and Justice while solving all the puzzles along the way.


Eventually you can level them up and have them perform a special move, depending on the character.


It’s a pretty simple game to understand. And the variety comes in the different stages that you have to overcome. For example, as with Candy Crush, there are “barriers” you have to remove, accessories you have to collect (these are usually iconic items from the series), or defeating a Youkai or enemy, LOL.




I think my favorite part is how they incorporated the plot of Sailor Moon into the game because I will never get tired of it. I will never, ever get sick of seeing Tuxedo Kamen and Sailor Moon being all lovey-dovey because I just really, really like it. :))



There is also a gallery of the things that you can collect. For example, characters from the series, wallpapers (you need 9 pieces to complete and download them), keys & items that will help you in-game, etc.


Occasionally, the app will update with a limited time event that you can get rewards from. This will have a separate map that you have to go through. As of this moment, I haven’t gotten too far with the latest Sailor Mercury challenge. haha!


Other than that, besides being fun, the game needs you to be a little perseverant because it’s a bit difficult when you get to the later stages. Sometimes, you don’t even get a chance to achieve the stage’s goals because there are no good matches to form! D:

Super frustrating! But if you’re locked and loaded, you can always spend some real cash to get special items in-game. That’ll get you farther, hopefully, I haven’t tried. But as long as your mobile is connected to any kind of payment method (Paypal, Direct Carrier Billing, etc.), then it shouldn’t be too difficult to work out.

Anyhow, I’m thoroughly obsessed with this game. I’ve been playing it since I downloaded it. What about you guys? Have you played this game? What do you think of it? 🙂

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  1. I love this game. but it’s stops at level 105 so I have to wait for a new update with more levels

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